Swami Mukundananda is one of those IIT Alumni who have been an great source of inspiration for everyone in many ways. Swami Mukundananda have always been asked such question that ” What made him to quit engineering and to start the journey of Spiritualism ?

One of the latest articles that have been nationally published about Swami Mukundananda ji in Dainik Bhaskar answers this question which goes as follows:

It was to understand the Engineering on Mind & to know the Absolute Truth which made him to start his journey of spiritualism. Today he is known to be one of the greatest spiritual master who is not only having huge number of  followers but also inspiring them to know more about their purpose of lives , solving their internal quests & giving them most practical solutions which they can follow in their day to day routines.

Excelling the Academics of materialism is not a big achievement …
One who excels the engineering of mind & spiritualism is the real winner in life …. !!