International Ashrams

1. Bhakti Dham, Mangarh

Bhakti Mandir

It was here that Shree Maharajji first constructed a meditation hall for holding the annual sadhana camp. But with thousands of devotees coming from all over the world, newer buildings kept cropping up. There is now a huge meditation hall, a number of residential buildings, common dormitories, a vast dining hall, kitchen, a beautiful garden, and a Goshala (special shelter for cattle) for 50 cows. In the center of this little township is the personal residence of Shree Maharajji.

Behind his residence, in an area of ten acres is Bhakti Mandir, an astounding temple of granite and red sandstone, which is a masterpiece of architecture and beauty. The birthplace of Shree Maharajji, the village of Mangarh is situated in UP near the confluence of the river Ganges and river Yamuna. It has a special Divine vibration that is perceivable the moment one reaches there.

 2. Rangeeli Mahal, Barsana

Rangeeli Mahal

Considered by many to be the most sacred place in Braj, Barsana is the village where Radha Rani had resided 5000 years ago. The Rangeeli Mahal is a huge ashram, equipped with facilities to house 5000 devotees. One section of the ashram is the newly built Vishwa Kalyan Kendra. This contains an air-conditioned hall with a capacity to seat 10,000 devotees.

Shree Maharajji stays here for many months during the year. While he is present, there are daylong sadhana programs, and joyous special events. There are also many opportunities for personal darshan, and informal interaction with him. Two major festivals are celebrated here: Guru Poornima and Radhashtami. On these occasions, the ashram bustles with activity, as thousands of devotees arrive from all over the world to be with their Gurudev.

 3. Jagadguru Dham, Vrindaban

Jagadguru Dham Vrindavan

Situated on six acres of land, this ashram has an idyllic location at the entry to Vrindaban. The elegant main building is surrounded by perfumed flower gardens and lush green lawns that make the ashram an aesthetic delight.

There is a charming satsang hall on the ground floor. The first floor has a devotion hall that houses the beautiful deities of Radha Krishna. It is a perfect place for sitting down and absorbing oneself in their Divine remembrance. The ashram also has a dormitory, and a number of guest rooms for devotees and guests.

4. Shyama Shyam Dham, Vrindaban

Shyama Shyam Dham

This beautiful ashram has been built in black granite stone. It has a huge hall that can seat 5000 devotees. There are also three large dormitories, and over a hundred residential rooms. Shree Maharajji celebrates Shree Krishna Janmashtami here. At that time, there is fervent excitement, as devotees pour in from all parts of the world.

On New Year’s Day, Shree Maharajji throws a lavish feast here in which he invites the whole of Vrindaban.

Prema Mandir

Prem Mandir
A short distance from the ashram, an awe-inspiring monument, Prem Mandir was inaugurated on Feb 14th 2012.
It is built from Italian marble, with exquisite craftsmanship and inlay work of semi-precious stones. It stands as a grand emblem of Radha Krishna devotion for the centuries to come.

5. Radha Madhav Dham, Austin, Texas.

Radha Madhav Dham

This spiritual community, built on 200 acres of the most picturesque land on the outskirts of Austin, has become the one of the largest Hindu center in North America. The holy places associated with the Divine leelas of Radha Krishn in Braj, have all been established here, including the river Yamuna, Barsana hill, and Goverdhan hill. The crown jewel of Radha Madhav Dham is the Rasheshwari Radharani Temple, which is among the most beautiful temples in the world.

Ashrams in Odisha

Swami Mukundananda preached the Philosophy of Divine Love for eight years in the state of Odisha, from 1992 to 1999, creating a wave of devotion there. He established many big ashrams and congregational centers, and influenced the lives of hundreds of thousands of people there.

Shyama Shyam Dham, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha

Radha Govind Dham, Jajpur
Bramhapur, Odisha

Ashrams in Nepal

Shree Radha Kunj Dham, Birgunj, Nepal

Other Centers

Apart from these Swamiji has established hundreds of satsang centers in Odisha, New Delhi, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Haridwar in India and also in Nepal, USA, Singapore and Malaysia.

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