Shree Maharajji has revealed a treasure trove of Divine knowledge of the spiritual benefit of all mankind. Mostly written in Hindi and translated into other languages, these books have helped many a soul cross the ocean of ignorance and move swiftly towards the path of God realization.

Prem Ras Siddhant

Philosophy of Divine LoveThe easily understandable philosophical descriptions of this miraculous book are the essence of all the scriptures and the philosophies of all the Jagadgurus of the last 5,000 years. Shree Maharajji gives regard to all the religions so he has reconciled their philosophies and has explained all the relevant issues which a devotee desiring God’s love may need to know. Thus, it describes the true aim of human life, reconciles the arguments of materialism and spiritualism, details the theories of karm and gyan, describes the potentiality of bhakti and reveals the secret of God realization that happens through the Grace of a true Saint and also tells the virtues of such a Saint. It also describes the practical form of karm yog and the prohibitions for a devotee for his safe progress on the path of devotion. Prem Ras Siddhant has been translated into many languages including English, Orriya, Nepali, Gujrati.

Prem Ras Madira

prem ras madiraWritten in the best literary style, there are 1008 padh (couplet) of Radha Krishna leelas (pass time), devotional philosophy and humbleness. They are like the Divine manifestation of the leela Bliss of Radha Krishna on the planet Earth. Thus, the deeper is the dedication of a devotee, the richer is the experience of their love in the devotee’s heart. Also available with meanings in two volumes.


Radha Govind Geet (Part I and II)

Radha Govind GeetPrinted in two volumes the eleven thousand one hundred eleven couplets, playfully revealed and written by Shree Maharaj ji, are like the Divine jewels and are truly invaluable assets for all the devotees of Radha Krishna. In an easily understandable form it relates all the devotional and philosophical descriptions of all the Vedic scriptures.


Braj Ras Madhuri (Part I, II and III)

braj ras madhuri 3The most beautiful, Blissful and loving form of God is Radha Krishnaof Divine Vrindaban.These chantings are Divinely animated and they contain their inherent Divine virtues. Thus, this book is an exquisite Divine benefaction for the longing souls desiring to have the vision of Radha Krishna and to experience the Bliss of Their loving leelas of Braj and Vrindaban. It contains over 300 chantings of the name, form and the virtues of Radha Krishna.

Yugal Shatak

It contains a new series of one hundred chantings of Radha Krishna which Shree Maharajji wrote in a few weeks when he was in Barsana during Guru Poornima in 2000.



Yugal Madhuri

Yugal MadhuriLovely, simple and sweet chantings of Radha Krishna that elevate humble devotional feelings in the heart of a devotee.



Apart from these, Shree Maharajji has also written Yugal Ras, Shyama Shyam Geet, Sankirtan Sargam, Shree Krishna Dwadashi, Shree Radha Trayodashi, Kripalu Trayodashi, Sebak Sebya Siddhanta and Pravachan Madhuri.

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