Thanks for taking time to visit “Support Us” page. JKYog provides various opportunities for support. We are confident that you will find something appealing, based on your preference, from the options below.

Bal-Mukund Children’s Program

Teach for Bal-Mukund: There are several teaching opportunities to educate young minds in Vedic wisdom, moral education, festivals, Hindi, art, dance, yoga, etc.
Assist Bal-Mukund centers: You can help in arranging programs for Bal-Mukund center in your city.
Start new center in your area: If you would like to start a new Bal-Mukund center in your area, please let us know.
Arrange cultural programs: You can organize children’s cultural programs through Bal-Mukund children.

Volunteer for JKYog

Assist local JKYog centers: You can assist local JKYog coordinator in different activities conducted by the center in your area.
Arrange Prasadam: You can offer your seva by bringing Prasad before or after the satsang. Please contact the host of the satsang program.
Offer your expertise: Offer your skills and talent as seva. Everyone is welcome to contribute his/her time and effort as seva. Please contact the satsang coordinator of your center.
Assist in Keertan sessions: You can help us at the program by singing keertans, playing the dholak or tabla or any musical instruments in the satsang program.
Organize satsang in your area: If you would like to organize a satang (prayer meeting) in your area or home, please let us know.
Volunteer at our retreats: Join the exclusive team of JKYog volunteers and get the satisfaction of performing the seva of Shree Radha Krishna under the guidance of revered Swamiji!

Donate miles for air-travel

Swamiji has inspired thousands of people in USA, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, where his visit is always anxiously awaited. Help Swamiji take the Divine message across USA and other parts of the world by donating your miles for his air travel.

Spread the word about JKYog programs

Swamiji’s lectures are arranged in various cities across USA. The events include spiritual retreats, yoga & meditation sessions, and workshops for children. Your help in promoting these events in the local TV channels, local/national newspapers, websites, temples, or by word of mouth, distributing flyers would go a long way in supporting the organization.

Financial Donation

You can financially support JKYog activities and Bal-Mukund children’s program by donating any amount for our charitable projects. JKYog is a registered 501(c)(3), non-profit organization.

Contribute and be an integral part of the charitable activities undertaken by our organization.

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To know more about our charitable projects, please visit Charitable Works.

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