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East Coast Retreat 2019

East Coast Relishes the Bliss of Devotion with Swami Mukundananda

Retreat Updates / May 31, 2019

Two and a half days of sheer bliss and joy just concluded in a sold-out event in the East coast (Baltimore, MD). Held in the serene setting of suburban Baltimore, it attracted hundreds of attendees, with many of them flying in from far places such Te…



JKYOG Hindu Family Camp / May 20, 2019

Once again, get ready for the most anticipated, exciting and exuberant family camp this summer!  Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas (in Allen, TX), is pleased to bring you the Hindu Family Camp from July 3 - 9, 2019 – 7 days of rejuvenation and upliftmen…

Humility, Patience & Tolerance – Adopt Virtues of the Saints

Humility, Patience & Tolerance – Adopt Virtues of the Saints

Uncategorized / May 20, 2019

Humility, patience, and tolerance – are known as crowing virtues; saintly and selfless in nature, these qualities are the backbone of righteous and principled living.  These divine virtues are so paramount and meaningful, they hold the power to trans…

Spiritual Paradigm for Management

Spiritual Paradigm for Management

Leaders and managers are taught and trained to bring order to chaotic circumstances. However, no matter how hard they try, new disorder continuously creeps into the system.
And the whole world seems to be in disarray, but it’s actually not !!

Boman Irani Happiness Challenge

Boman Irani Invites You to #HappinessChallenge

Happiness Challenge / February 17, 2019

Boman Irani, Bollywood Superstar invites us all to participate in #HappinessChallenge with Swami Mukundananda! The #HappinessChallenge is a 21-day journey towards lasting happiness with daily actionable tools.

meditation techniques to practice at work

Meditation Techniques to Practice at Work

Wellness For Life / January 30, 2019

Meditation is a great way to develop equanimity, compassion, and peace in fast paced corporate environments.