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A Musical Night to Remember

Bay Area, CA hosts Mehfil-e- Diwali, A Musical Night to Remember

News and Update / October 22, 2017

On Oct 7, 2017 at Chandni restaurant in Newark, California a group of devotees rushed around in hushed tones as each tried to add the finishing touches to what would be the venue for Mehfil-e-Diwali.

Swami Mukundananda

Milestones of Swami Mukundananda’s 2017 US Tour

Program Updates / October 18, 2017

As Autumn/Fall approaches, most in the US realize that it is time for Swamiji to head back to India. People in India, on the other hand, are eagerly awaiting his arrival. They are counting down the days for his India tour to begin!

Krishna Arjuna

Strive for Perfection – Bhagavad Gita

Bhakti Yog / October 12, 2017

Often, we come across people who will settle for nothing less than perfection in their chosen tasks or professions. Maybe this person is a musician who is rehearsing their song for the umpteenth time before a performance; or an Olympic runner constan…

Bhakti Considered Auspicious

Why is Bhakti Considered Auspicious?

Bhakti Yog / September 28, 2017

Bhakti requires engaging the mind in the divine realm— abodes, forms, names, pastimes, virtues, and saints of God. In the Bhakti Rasāmṛit Sindhu, Rupa Goswami writes,

śhubhāniprīṇanaṁ sarvajagatāmanuraktatā

sadguṇāḥ sukh…

Vibhishan Surrender

Ramayana – How Vibhishan Surrendered to Lord Rama

Ramayana, Bhakti Yog / September 27, 2017

The story of how Vibhishan, Ravan’s younger brother, surrendered to Lord Rama is an example for all devotees in the art of surrender to the divine. Though born into a family of Rakshasas or demons, Vibhishan held in his heart a great love for the Sup…

CT welcomes Swami Mukundananda

Mayor of Newington, CT welcomes Swami Mukundananda

Program Updates / September 19, 2017

CT witnessed yet another grand and successful program by Swamiji, with the topic being Seven Mind Sets for Success in Life and Beyond. The program was organized in Newington Vallabdham Temple for four days from 7th – 10th September.