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July, 2014 

"When we are firmly convinced that there is no happiness in this world, this detachment will propel us to have faith in the words of the Guru.  When a soul with deep longing for God meets a true Guru, the miracle of spiritual transformation takes place."~ Swami Mukundananda

This month 'Sumiran' team is picking up 'Guru Poornima' as the topic  of the month.  In this issue we will be presenting articles on the importance of a Guru and how simple faith in the Guru can transform your life.  Readers will also find Guru Arati, Kripalu Leelamrit, Bal-Mukund contributions, and 10 amazing health benefits of Honey.

mere guruvara pyāre, mere giridhar pyāre

My Beloved Guru and Shree Krishna are both very dear to me.

joi guruvara pyāre, soi giridhara pyāre

The Guru is no other than Shree Krishna himself. They are non-different.

bhaja guruvara pyāre, bhaja giridhara pyāre

Therefore worship God and Guru together.

jaha guruvara pyāre, taha giridhara pyāre

Wherever my Beloved Guru is, there is my Beloved Shree Krishna.
ura guru dhara pyāre, ura hari dhara pyāre

Therefore seat God and Guru together in your heart.

jai ho guruvara pyāre, jai ho giridhara pyāre

All glories to my Beloved Guru. All glories to my Beloved Shree Krishna.

guru bhaja hari pyāre, hari bhaja guru pyāre

The Guru worships God, and God worships the Guru.

kaha 'kṛipālu pyāre, dou kṛipālu pyāre

Says Shree 'Kripalu', "Both Shree Krishna and the Guru are most merciful by nature."

The story of Jagadguru Shankaracharya's disciple; Padmapada

Faith in the teachings of Guru has immeasurable power to transform our barren hearts into fertile grounds for devotion.   The world can be won with great intellectual capabilities, but the grace of a Guru can be received only by practicing devotion with humility.  Sometimes people take pride in their wealth and intellectual prowess and live in a false notion that God and Guru are also impressed with such material possessions.  They forget that God is seated within everyone's heart and notes every single thought.  Even if somebody is illiterate and cannot comprehend the divine teachings of the Guru, but reposes sufficient faith in him, can also benefit immensely.  God sits in that person's heart and   notes his sincere endeavour and rewards him.

A famous story in this regard is that of a humble devotee called Sananda, who was the disciple of Jagadguru Shankaracharya.  He was illiterate and could not comprehend his Guru's teaching as the other disciples could. But when Shankaracharya delivered the discourse, he would listen with rapt attention and great faith. One day, he was washing his Guru's clothes on the other side of the river. It became time for the class, and the other disciples requested, "Guruji, please begin the class." Shankaracharya replied, "Let us wait; Sananda is not here." "But Guruji, he cannot understand anything," the disciples urged. "That is true; still, he listens with great faith and so I do not wish to disappoint him," said Shankaracharya.

Then, to show the power of faith, Shankaracharya called out, "Sananda! Please come here." On hearing his Guru's words, Sananda did not hesitate. He ran on water. The story goes that wherever he placed his feet, lotus flowers sprang up to support him. He crossed over to the other bank and offered obeisance to his Guru. At that time, a stuti (verses in praise) of the Guru emanated from his mouth in sophisticated Sanskrit. The other disciples were amazed to hear this. Since, lotus flowers had bloomed under his feet, his name became "Padmapada," meaning "the one with lotus flowers under the feet." He became one of the four main disciples of Shankaracharya, along with Sureshwaracharya, Hastamalak, and Trotakacharya.

This story illustrates how simple faith in the Guru and His knowledge can transform our lives for eternity.  We simply have to surrender our intellect to the Guru and perform our actions in accordance with His teachings.  If we do so we will progress rapidly towards our spiritual goal, of this there is no doubt.  However if we repeatedly ignore the teachings of our Guru and lead our lives on our own whims and fancies, then the never ending cycle of life and death is all that we will get in return.   
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The True Guru is someone who has no personal desires of his own.  He has merged his will with the will of God.  Also, he is free from any pride and self-seeking.  Such a Sadguru does nothing of his own accord.  God becomes his guide and inspires his actions from within.  Thus, the Guru becomes an instrument through whom God does his divine work of elevating souls in the world.

 Source : Essence of Hinduism  

    by Swami Mukundananda


Devotees Speak
"How Shree Maharajji transformed me is still a mystery. It was the time when my life was meaningless and full of miseries. He bestowed his grace upon me by sending one of his 'Pracharaks' to my city. Hearing those spiritual discourses was like cure of all diseases. At that point of time, I was unaware of the fact that Shree Maharajji's 'Leelas' were soon going to be over. However, during that short period of six years, he gave me so much which can't be described in words alone. He revealed each and every minute detail of devotion to me. Even after his departure to the divine abode, he is guiding me like a true father. His guidance helps me in performing my worldly duties and in my 'sadhana' as well. May his grace always be with us."
Savita Sharma, New Delhi

"Ever since my childhood I was looking for a true 'Guru' who could explain to me the knowledge of our Scriptures and Radha Tattv.  I was so blessed to receive the association of Shree Maharaj Ji who is the 'Jagadguru', a Divine Personality who descended for the welfare of entire humankind.  All my doubts about God realization were easily dispelled through Maharajji's simple lectures. He taught the true meaning of bhakti to fallen souls like us. Mahrajji's every action was full of compassion and love for souls like us and despite all our faults and shortcomings he continued to pour his blessings.  We had no qualification to understand the meaning of Divine Love, but with Shree Maharajji grace we were blessed with the knowledge of Divine Love.

Like a true eternal well wisher Maharajji constantly inspired us to give up petty desires for material happiness and seek true happiness.  I feel me and my family are eternally indebted to our Gurudev for he has graced us at every step of our lives.  I had heard that Divine Souls descend for welfare of people, Maharajji has proved it to me.   All glories to the Spiritual Master of the World..... Radhey Radhey."
Meenu Kapoor, Pasadena
"I got in touch with Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj for the first time through his videos on Youtube in the mid of 2012. I just kept watching his videos one after the other. I watched his lecture series called 'Brahma Jeev Maaya', which I feel is one of his best lectures. Thereafter I watched 'Main Kaun Mera Kaun', 'Jeev Ka Lakshya' and other lectures on YouTube. All the lectures were amazing and I was left spell bound. I have come to realize that there is always something new to learn from Maharajji's lectures, not even once will you feel that he is repeating the same things again. In fact I can say with firm conviction that I have not found any other philosophy or any other Guru to be 100% convincing, except Shri Maharajji.

I feel Maharajji through his grace connected me with Swamiji who is whole heartedly carrying forward the mission and philosophy of his beloved Guru.  Today I feel very proud to be born in the age of Shree Maharajji, a time when he displayed his loving leelas for the welfare of all souls. But sometimes I also strongly regret not being born a few years earlier; I could have lived my whole life with Shree Maharajji doing his seva. If not that, at least I should have been introduced to him earlier. But like it is said, "Better late than never". Whatever opportunity I have received today to serve Maharajji I consider it as a rare blessing. I dedicate the rest of my life unto the lotus feet of my Gurudev."

Manish Kumar, Bangalore


'Devotees Speak' section is a new addition to Sumiran, your monthly spiritual energizer.  We invite you to share your thoughts and experiences with other readers through this section.  Write in to us at editor@jkyog.org

Mount Laurel Retreat with Swamiji - A Divine Experience 

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The East Coast Retreat at Mt Laurel, New Jersey was again a special experience for everyone.  The devotees were blessed to spend three blissful days of sadhana in the inspiring company of Swamiji.  Janmashtami was also celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. Children also had a wonderful experience at the special Bal-Mukund sessions.


Do attend the Labor Day Retreat and be a part of a special spiritual holiday with Swamiji!

Date: Aug 30th (Saturday) to Sept 1st (Monday), 2014 

Venue: DFW Marriott Hotel & Golf Club, 3300 Championship Parkway, Fort Worth, TX 76177 

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Up-coming Events 2014

Jul 26th to Aug 1st 

Denver, CO

Aug 9th to 15th

 Plano, TX

Aug 2nd to 8th

Fort Lauderdale,  FL 

  Aug 16th to 22nd  Fort Worth, TX

Up-coming Retreats 2014

Aug 30th to Sept 1st  

Dallas, TX 

Oct 10th to 12th 

Radha Madhav Dham, Austin

Sept 19th to 21st 

Chicago, IL 


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Kripalu Leelamrit -  Nectar from Shree Maharajji's Life

Satsangs in Mathura and Agra


Janki Prasad Mathur had a very big house with many servants.  He instructed them that they should bathe Maharajji nicely, give him some nice clothes to wear and cut his hair.  A barber was called in to give Maharajji a good hair cut.  He asked Maharajji, "What kind of hair cut would you like?"  Maharajji said, "Whatever you want."  He said, "Should I do an English cut?"  Maharajji said, "Alright."  The barber gave Maharajji an English hair cut and he was given white kurta pajama to wear.  Maharajji decided to hold satsang at that place and few people were invited. When the invited guests came inside the house, they saw a young boy sitting on the sofa.  They thought that he must be some relative of Mathurji.  Later on they realized that he is the one who is supposed to do the satsang.  However, they were amazed to see how young and charming he looked. 

Maharajji started with the keertan, 'Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare'.  It was very special how Maharajji sang it.  There was so much love and feeling in his voice.  Everyone present really felt the vibrations within their heart.  Slowly, his intensity started increasing and people could see the shivers in Maharajji's body due to the satvika bhav.  Maharajji could be heard saying 'Ha Krishna, Ha Radhey' at times and collapse on the floor.  He had just sung a few times and he fainted unconscious right there. People couldn't believe their eyes.  Everybody was shocked to see such a level of absorption and trance.  No one knew what was going to happen next and their inquisitiveness increased because of that.  Everybody started doing keertan with more enhanced devotion.  After some time Maharajji came back to consciousness and led the keertan again.  They requested Maharajji to have satsang the next as well.  In this way, the satsang continued the next day and it went on for five days. 

Janki Prasad's brother-in-law, Mithan Lal requested Maharajji, "Please come to my house in Agra.  We will have satsang there."  Maharajji agreed and went off to Agra.  Again, regular satsang was organized each night.  On some occasions, Maharajji would chant 'Hari Bol' and start dancing in divine love ecstasy.  People who had known about Chaitanya Mahaprabhu knew that what they were witnessing was very special.  They felt so privileged and lucky to be there. 

While chanting 'Hari Bol', Shree Maharajji would become oblivious of his physical body.  In the highest state of mahabhav he would sometimes start revolving at great speed like a spinning top.  He would spin so fast that one could not see whether his lotus feet were on the ground or above it.  Sometimes he would dance on one foot.  While dancing he would become semi-conscious and sometimes he would lose consciousness altogether and fall on the ground.  He would remain unconscious for hours and everybody would watch him in utter amazement, eagerly hoping that he may regain consciousness. Some of the close devotees, who saw this, started knowing about this and would protect Maharajji from collapsing by holding him.  They would gently place him on the floor and put pillows underneath him for his comfort and safety. 

So for a few months he started doing satsang in western UP and then he came over to eastern UP.  Allahabad, Lucknow, Pratapgarh and Lukerganj became his main centers.
News & Updates
Guru Poornima 2014
Thousands of devotees from all over the world gathered at Bhakti Dham, Mangarh to celebrate Guru Poornima on July 12th.
During Aarti and the Kirtan sessions, one could see all devotees crying and offering their tears in separation from their Gurudev, as they paid their obeisance to him.
 All glories to our merciful Guruvar. Our reverential salutations to you!  Click for more photos 


Stationery Distribution to Local Educational Institutes
A Distribution Program was held at JKP Education on July 22nd, in which approx. 2500 students were given stationery packets, containing 4 large notebooks, 4 small notebooks, 4 pens, 4 pencils, eraser, sharpener, scale, as well as a steel container and biscuits by JKP Presidents, Sushree Vishakha Tripathi Ji, Sushree Shyama Tripathi Ji and Sushree Krishna Tripathi Ji.  150 Teachers and Staff also received clothes and an umbrella.  Click for more photos 

Swamiji conducted Yoga, Meditation and discourses programs at Frisco, TX and Jacksonville, FL. 




Swamiji's USA 2014 tour pictures will be posted on

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Importance of a Guru  

by Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj  


Who is a Mahapurush?  When a soul attains God, its personality changes from a purush (soul or a human being) to a Mahapurush.  That soul is no longer under the influence of Maya, nor does the soul rule over Maya.  He is now beyond the reach of Maya.  Such a personality is called a God-realized Saint, a Mahapurush or a Mahatma.  


A soul under the influence of Maya cannot know God because the mind and the intellect are under the control of Maya, and God is beyond Maya.  At present, even if God were to come and stand before us, since our vision is material, we would not be able to receive his divine love.  We have seen God many times during the avatars (descension) of Lord Ram and Shree Krishna, etc.  But due to the influence of Maya, we perceived him as having a material form.  We were not able to perceive the divinity  in him due to material influence.


But a God-realized personality can help you reach God.   Go to him, and he will impart all the scriptural knowledge.  He will teach you who is God?  How does God look?  How to reach him?  He will explain all the required knowledge.  Only a guru can make a soul become God-realized.  


The Vedas contain contradictory statements which cannot be reconciled by the human intellect.  Even the most learned of scholars cannot comprehend it.  Hence, one must surrender to a God-realized Saint to acquire knowledge of Vedas and other holy scriptures, instead of attempting to read them by oneself.


The Chandogyopanishad states:   

āchāryavān puruṣho hi veda

"Only that person can understand the importance of the Vedas who surrenders and takes guidance from a Guru."  This is the statement of the Vedas.  The Bhagavad Gita states:

tadviddhi praṇipātena paripraśhnena sevayā  (Bhagavad Gita 4.34)

Shree Krishna says to Arjun, "Surrender yourself to a Guru and serve him faithfully.  Learn the secrets of devotion from him by asking him spiritual questions with a curious mind."  Questions such as: Who is God?  What is the soul?  What is Maya?  What is the mind?  What is the intellect? Why are we under Maya?  What is the goal of our life?  How we will attain God?  What should we do to attain God?

upadekṣhyanti te jānaṁ jāninastattvadarśhinaḥ

"It is only through the grace of a Guru that we can attain divine knowledge.  This is because he has practically realized God and also possesses theoretical knowledge of the scriptures." The definition of a true Saint is that he or she should be shrotriya as well as brahmanishthShotriya means, one who has full and thorough knowledge of the scriptures; and Brahmanishtha means one who has practical experience of God.

The Vedas say:
yasya deve parābhaktihi yathā deve tathā gurau  (Shwetashwataropanishad)

One has to do devotion and worship the Guru as good as God.  Why?  Because Guru and God are one, they are the same.  If somebody gives you a hundred rupee note or puts it in an envelope and places it in your hand, it is the same thing. Both have same value.  Similarly, after God-realization, God himself is seated inside the Mahapurush and governs his activities.  Thus, God performs every action of a Mahapurush and that is why God and a Mahapurush are considered one.  After God-realization, the duty of a Mahapurush gets over as he has attained his goal of divine bliss.  Such a saint now sits in the lap of God, who becomes the director, governor, and inspirer of his actions.

God Shree Krishna himself says:

āchāryaṁ mā vijāniyānnāvamanyeta karhichit  (Bhagavatam)

"Do not consider Guru as separate from me.  I am seated in the Guru's body and perform all the actions".  So, the sayings of a Mahapurush are considered as the words of God, and they are devoid from all the faults and doubts.  That is why all the scriptures like Ramayana, which are written by Mahapurushas, are considered as the words of God, and are trusted by us.  


So, after God-realization, a Mahapurush gets afflicted by the deep motivation of working for the welfare of humankind.  After this, the cause of all his actions is primarily for the welfare of humankind.  He writes various books, delivers discourses for the welfare of humankind, performs different types of actions, and tolerates various kinds of criticism and humiliation, only in the hope that one day, in some way or the other, individual souls will attain divine bliss  and get rid of all the miseries of the world.  Now, here arises a question.  Why did a Mahapurush get this deep motivation?  Why not God?  Because before God-realization, the Mahapurush was like one of us, an individual soul who experienced miseries and unhappiness in this material world.  Hence, he very well understands the condition of souls under Maya.  That is why he feels pity on us.  So, Saints are constantly concerned and care for the betterment of humankind.


That is why Ved Vyas says:

nāsti tattvaṁ guroḥ paraṁ  


"There is no entity higher than the Guru."  Also, the Guru has a higher and more important position with respect to the fulfillment of our self interest.  It is the Guru who will reveal to us the divine  knowledge of God.  Without having correct understanding of the philosophy, an individual soul cannot move forward in the spiritual path.  Only a Guru will teach us how to do spiritual practice and guide us in the path of God-realization by removing all the doubts that arise in our minds, so that we progress speedily in our path. 


Bhakti Shatak 

Explained by Swami Mukundananda 


Bhakti Śhatak is one of Shree Kripaluji Maharaj's principle writings, with hundred golden couplets of inspiring quotes, advice, and guidance for sincere devotees seeking to firmly establish themselves on the path of bhakti.   

Continuing with the explanation of the next verse:


kāma krodha mada lobha kahaṅ, mana moorakha! mata chhoṛa!
rasika śhiromaṇi śhyām ḍhiga, de ina ko mukha moṛa

At the time of death, most of the things we consider important will fade into insignificance.  How much did we purify our heart?  This will be of paramount importance which God will judge us upon and not our material achievements.  If we are intelligent, we do not have to reach the point of death to decide "Yes, this is important." We can decide right now and direct our life in that direction right away and emphasize on antahkaran shuddhi (purification of the heart).

What are the things that make the heart impure?  Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj has listed them as: lust, greed, anger, pride, hatred, and envy.  If we wish to purify the heart, we have to eliminate these faults.  In this context, heart refers to the ethereal heart, which is the mind and the intellect and ego, or the internal mechanism. 

These defects are the things we need to struggle with, to eliminate them in the process of heart purification.  We should also realize that these are the things which create tension that take away our peace of mind.  Let us discuss these defects one by one.

Greed is such a thing that to satiate it, people spend their whole lives running after it and it still they don't achieve satisfaction.  Similarly, anger is such a defect even the government has made laws for controlling anger.  If you hit somebody, you will be punished and yet people overcome with rage, kill others and commit all kinds of violence.  Government regulations are not sufficient to end it.

However, there is a third one, which is the cause of both anger and greed.  Kripaluji Maharaj names it as desire.  Desire is the mother of both greed and anger.  So how does all this work?  Our scriptures refer to these as diseases of the mind. They are called as manas rog.  Suppose we have one disease of the body, our whole day goes bad.  We say, "O Swamiji! My tooth kept aching all day long.  What a terrible day it was."  With one disease of the body our whole day became bad.  With so many mental diseases tormenting us, what will be the situation of that soul?

Let us try and figure out how all these work.  Why does anger arise?  When desire is not fulfilled, it leads to anger.  Suppose we desire for something and it is fulfilled, what happens then?  This leads to greed. 
The Ramayan says:
jyoṅ prati lābha lobha adhikai

Suppose we create a desire.  It can have only two consequences.  Either it will be fulfilled or it will not be fulfilled.  If it is fulfilled, greed will be the result and if it is not, anger is the result.  The Bhagavad Gita says:

krodhādbhavati sammohaḥ sammohātsmṛitivibhtamaḥ
smṛitibhranśhād buddhināsho buddhināśhatpraṇaśhyati

"From anger comes delusion.  Delusion gives rise to bewilderment of the memory.  When the memory is bewildered, the intellect is ruined; and when the intellect is destroyed, one suffers a downfall.  And the cause of this is desire."

Now let us find out the cause of desire.  Everybody has got different kinds of desires.  What is the cause of desire? The cause of desire is attachment.  Wherever our mind gets attached repeatedly, it will give rise to desire.  If somebody's mind is attached to tea, the desire for tea arises.  If somebody's mind is attached to his or her child, a repeated desire to see the child arises.  In other words, the cause for desire is not the intrinsic qualities of an object, as we may think, "Oh! Something is very beautiful, hence desire arises." Rather, it is our own attachment. 

This is the philosophy of Bhagavad Gita:

dhyāyato viṣhayānpuṅsaḥ saṅgasteṣhoopajāyate
saṅgat sajāyate kāmaḥ kāmātkrodho'bhijāyate

"While contemplating on the objects of the senses, one develops attachment to them.  Attachment leads to desire, fulfillment of desire leads to greed and unfulfillment leads to anger."  The root to all diseases of the mind is attachment.  If we are attached it is natural that desire, anger, greed, etc. will arise.  And if there is no attachment, it is natural there will be no desire, no anger no greed. 

So, let us try and find out what is the cause of attachment? When we repeatedly think that there is happiness in a particular object or person our own contemplation leads to attachment.  Suppose we don't contemplate happiness anywhere. What will happen?  We will have no attachment and when there is no attachment, there is no desire, no greed and no anger. 

Now let us come to the final question in this series.  Why do we contemplate happiness in any object or person?  It is because of our nature.  It is our nature to seek happiness as we are all tiny parts of God, who is the ocean of Bliss and being his tiny part, it is natural that we want happiness. 

Therefore, what is the solution to this problem?  Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj says, "O foolish mind, Do not think of renouncing anger, pride, desires, attachment and greed.   Instead divert them all towards Lord Krishna who is the crest jewel of the rasik Saints."
To be continued in the next edition....

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10 Amazing Health Benefits of Honey

Over thousand years, honey is known to exhibit surprising healing powers. Due to the presence of powerful antiseptic, antibacterial and healing properties, honey is used as medicine to treat many common health problems.  Here are 10 health benefits of natural honey that will further increase your liking for this sweet nectar.  
1. Soothes a Sore Throat or Cough:  Thanks to its antibacterial properties, honey not only soothes sore throats but can also kill certain bacteria that causes the infection.  Because of its sticky nature, it coats the throat and triggers nerves that reduce sensitivity to cough impulse. To get quick relief from coughing, mix one tablespoon of honey with some fresh-squeezed lemon juice and drink this solution at regular intervals. You can also mix honey, lemon juice and a pinch of salt in a glass of lukewarm water and use it to gargle.

2. Improves Digestion:  For those who suffer from indigestion, the antiseptic properties of honey relieve acidity in the stomach and alleviate digestion. The enzyme (glucose oxidase) present in honey can produce small amounts of hydrogen peroxide that can treat gastritis. Honey also neutralizes gas, becoming the ultimate stomach soother when it comes to overeating.  One or two tablespoons of honey before heavy meals is the best way to thwart indigestion, and if you've already overindulged, add honey and lemon to warm water to help move food through the digestive track.

3. Heals Wounds and Cuts:  Honey has been used as a natural cure in first aid treatment for wounds, burns and cuts as it is able to absorb moisture from the air and promote healing. Its antibacterial properties prevent infection and functions as an anti-inflammatory agent, reducing both swelling and pain, and even scarring.  Also, honey can keep wounds and cuts free from infection, reduce odor and pus, lessen pain and promote speedy healing.  After gently cleaning the wound or cut with lukewarm water and mild soap, apply a layer of honey on the affected area and cover the area fully with a bandage. Change the bandage every 24 hours.

4. Beautiful Skin:  Due to its antimicrobial and antifungal properties, honey is the ultimate ingredient to use for healthy and glowing skin.  It is also uselful in treating acne.  Apply a dab of raw, organic honey directly to blemishes, and let the skin absorb its medicinal properties for 15 mins.  Wash it off and after regular use you will have a clear and glowing skin.

5.  Reduces Weight:  It has been found that drinking a glass of lukewarm water with honey and lemon juice on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning, is one of the simplest ways to lose weight. Doing this helps with detoxification, cleansing the liver, removing toxins, and flushing fat out of the body.

6.  Beats Insomnia:  Many people have trouble sleeping. Honey is a simple solution for this problem. Honey is a fat-digesting carbohydrate that stimulates the release of insulin and allows tryptophan to enter the brain easily.  Tryptophan is the compound that makes us sleepy. Simply have a glass of warm milk with honey before going to bed.  Both honey and milk are tryptophan-containing foods.

7.  Regulates Blood Sugar:  Even though honey contains simple sugars, it is NOT the same as white sugar or artificial sweeteners. Its exact combination of fructose and glucose actually helps the body regulate blood sugar levels.

8.  Immunity System Builder:  Raw, organic honey is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes which protect the body from bacteria and boost the immune system. Cold and flu symptoms, such as coughs, sore throats, and congestion are also kept at bay when treated with honey.  To improve your immune system, add 1-2 tablespoons of honey to warm water daily.

9.  Boosts Energy: A great natural source of carbohydrates which provide strength and energy to our bodies, honey is known for its effectiveness in instantly boosting the performance, endurance and reduce muscle fatigue of athletes. Its natural sugars play an important role in preventing fatigue during exercise. The glucose in honey is absorbed by the body quickly and gives an immediate energy boost.  Also it is rapidly absorbed by the body, so it can be used as an instant energy booster immediately after a workout or otherwise.

10.  Combats Ulcers:  Applying honey directly onto the area can treat ulcers that are located externally, or on the outer skin. Honey is able to fight external ulcers due to its ability to kill bacteria. 
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