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Gems of wisdom by Shree Maharajji
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"The Goal of Human Life" - Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj
"Secrets of Spiritual Sadhana" - Swami Mukundananda
Gems of wisdom
by Shree Maharajji

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Constantly realize the presence of God and  Guru with you. Never feel that you are alone. This is very important for devotion. When this decision becomes firm, then. your mind will easily become focused in meditation and you will never commit any sin.


Never. have any ill feelings towards anyone, even towards the one who hates and criticizes you. Learn to become neutral.

The moment an individual comes to fully believe that God and His name are one, possessing the same powers and qualities, he will attain God-realization that very moment.
Be a lover of God, not of the world.  Do not beg your God and Master for health, wealth and material goods.  When you bow to God but desire the world, you prove that you love not the Creator, but His creation.  If you insist on asking God for something, ask the same thing as Prahlad:  "God!  Kindly destroy the very seed of desire that exists in my heart."
Do not waste your time in chatting with others. Your speech should be short and sweet, to the point.
Finding faults in others is a definite proof that those faults exist in you.
The most foolish action is procrastination of devotion inspite of full knowledge of the frailty and transitory status of the human body.
Upcoming Events 
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Dallas Retreat

5th - 7th Sept
YMCA Campsite
Devotees have another opportunity to get up close and personal with Swamiji at the Dallas retreat in the early September.
Do not miss this golden opportunity! Register now and be a part of this Divine Satsang.
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Swamiji's Tour Information

You can find more information about other programs in the events section of our website.

Swamiji would be celebrating
Janamashtami in the Hindu Temple of Ventura County on 14 August.
 Current News

JKP News
Guru Poornima was celebrated on the 7th July, 2009 in Barsana. More than five thousand people came to Rangeeli Mahal to have a darshan of Shree Maharajji.  Shree Maharajji gave a live speech in the evening on the topic "The necessity and importance of a Guru."

A Blood donation camp was held in Barsana during the Guru Poornima festival. The hospital, Jagadguru Kripalu Chikitsalay in Barsana, caters to the medical needs of thousands of villagers in an area that is deprived of medical facilities for many miles around. The treatment is provided absolutely free of cost. A new building is under construction that will house the Naturopathy wing of the hospital.
JKY News
Swamiji successfully completed his 5th program in USA this summer.
Regional JKY centers have been established in
New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, Boston, Connecticut and Chicago.
For more information about these centers you can visit here:

Pocono Retreat

 The Retreat at Pocono Mountains was once in a lifetime experience for everyone. It was an enlightening and highly motivating program. Swamiji's grace and affection was visible on everyone's face to see!
This is what they had to say!
"The Retreat was something totally different than any other experience i have had, especially the Subtle Body Relaxation experience. Swamiji has a very 'Guru' like and pleasant personality."
-Subhash Arora, NY

Boston online newspaper 'Lokvani' interviewed Swamiji on July 22.
This is what the editor had to say:
Ranjani Saigal, Editor of Lokvani: "The article is a huge hit (very unusual for religion based articles) .  This is a testimony to your Divine message. I realized what a divine honor the Lord had given me for I had the opportunity to revisit the interview and take a step closer to understanding your message."

Latest website updates

Watch on youtube Divine kirtans and spiritual lectures by Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj and Swami Mukundananda. Hundreds of videos have been uploaded.
JKY on youtube
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Welcome to e-Magazine of Jagadguru Kripalu Yog

Dear Devotees,

                          Welcome to the inaugural edition of Jagadguru Kripalu Yog e-Magazine. This is a great platform where you can get to hear the latest news about Shree Maharajji and Swamiji. You will also find inspiring quotations, thoughts and kirtans, written by Shree Maharajji. Treat yourself to lectures, enlightening gems of wisdom and knowledge given by Swamiji on Divine philosophy.

Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj, who is lovingly called "Maharajji" by his devotees, was awarded the title of "Bhaktiyog Rasavatar", or the Personification of the Bliss of Divine Love, by the Kashi Vidvat Parishat.  This e-Magazine is an effort to bring you fraction of  his Divine words. We will also reveal the secrets of devotion and Sadhana, as taught by one of his most senior disciples, Swami Mukundananda. It is our earnest hope that their words reach your inner most self, and bring about a positive change in your life, encouraging you on the path of God-realization.

Happy Reading!

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The Goal of Human Life
It is a fact that every individual performs actions with a specific aim. No one can remain inactive even for a moment and no action is performed without a purpose.
The Darśhan Śhāstra declares-
prayojanamanuddiśhya mando̓pi na pravartate

However, we can say that every individual performs various actions every moment with a single purpose. It may appear strange but it is true. Some do good deeds and some perform bad ones. In reality, everyone performs actions that give them happiness.

Like an evil person finds happiness in harming others, a Saint performs actions for the welfare of others which give Him happiness. The motive behind achieving wealth, health, wife, son, fame, beauty is one - HAPPINESS. This proves that without any teaching or training every individual wants happiness and nobody wants sorrow, grief or pain because­ -
ānando brahmeti vyajānāt (ved)
Happiness, Bliss, peace are other names or synonyms for God.  Now arises a question. What is the relationship between our desire for happiness and God being Bliss personified?  Yes, there is a relation.
īśhvar  ańśh jīv avināśhī (rāmāyaṇ)

The relation is that every individual soul is an eternal part of God, and God is Bliss Personified. Therefore being an eternal part of Him, every individual soul naturally seeks happiness.  No soul can ever wish for sorrow.

Since infinite lifetimes, all of us are searching happiness in this material world but according to our scriptures (Vedas) and our personal experiences, there is no doubt that worldly happiness is short lived. It is finite and illusive. When we eat a rasgulla (an Indian sweet) for the first time, we experience great pleasure. But if someone asks us to keep eating the same sweet, we feel like vomiting. So if there is pleasure in rasgulla or any such object, then we should experience this pleasure for ever. But this is not the case. Why don't we derive constant happiness from that object? In the same manner, the pleasure from wealth, spouse, children, food etc. keeps on fluctuating and finally comes to an end.
 So why haven't we attained true happiness till now? Because we have not understood, realized and decided the true nature of happiness. Where is that kind of happiness? How can we attain it? Surprisingly, despite our continuous efforts to achieve happiness, we have not understood what and where we will get this happiness. Happiness is that which is unlimited, ever increasing and ever lasting. Sorrow cannot overccome it, like darkness cannot overcome light.  So where is this kind of happiness? The answer to this question can be categorized into two areas (which are intensely debated) - materialism and spirituality. According to materialism, there is no entity or authority called God and one will get happiness through material objects. Whereas, according to spirituality, only God is Bliss and by attaining God we can be happy for eternity. There is no other way to the attainment of happiness and removal of pain and suffering.                                      
raso vai saḥ
The Vedas declares that even the most intellectual cannot comprehend God because He is beyond our material senses and by the grace of God even a fool can know God. Thus, every individual seeks happiness and since God is Bliss, everyone is a seeker of God. Every person will work continuously till he attains true happiness and peace.
The materialists deny the existence of God, but they can only claim that there is no entity called God if according to the scriptures, we do not attain God even after surrendering to a Guru and performing devotion.
The conclusion is that we must believe in the existence of God. But a question arises: what is our purpose of worshipping Him? Yes, there is a purpose. We are all selfish in nature, and whoever satisfies our self-interests, we get attached to that person. We all long for unlimited, everlasting happiness and that happiness is only in God. All our self interests will be fulfilled by worshipping God, and without understanding Him we cannot attain true happiness Therefore, having a human body, if we do not understand God, that will be our greatest mistake. We would have to suffer in the cycle of 8.4 millions species of life, because only in the human form, we can attain God and acquire the knowledge of God, to attain our ultimate goal of Divine Bliss.
Secrets of Spiritual Sadhana

Sadhana Karu Pyare is a unique philosophical compilation set in 54 lines and arranged in the form of couplets (dohas). In these lines, Shree Maharajji has summarized the entire philosophy of the knowledge of God and Guru (Philosophy of Divine Love).
Swamiji explained the complete set of 54 lines at the Puri Sadhana Shivir in 2008, which we will reproduce in this series.
sādhanā karu sādhanā karu sādhanā karu pyāre
sādhanā karu sādhanā karu sādhanā karu pyāre

O Dear Soul ! Please do Sadhana (devotional practice)
O Dear Soul ! Please do Sadhana (devotional practice)
In this verse, Shree Maharajji says '"Pyare" or "Dear One"! Now who is the dear one? Is it the animals or the birds or is it the celestial Gods? Here, "Dear" means, "Dear humans", "Dear devotees". He is advising us strongly to do spiritual practice. We have got this human life only to do devotion (Sadhana). Just observe that all other living forms have a horizontal or inclined spinal columns. Only human beings have vertical spinal columns. This is symbolic of the fact that we humans have the opportunity to elevate ourselves upwards, through the power of knowledge. Hence, Shree Maharajji says, an individual has got this rare opportunity to uplift oneself spiritually by practicing devotion.
The scriptures say -
durlabham mānuṣham janm prārthyate tridaśhairapi

There are 8.4 million species on earth and the human form of life is the rarest amongst them. It is so rare that even celestial Gods long to attain the human form. So do not waste this life in fulfilling the desires of these material senses. We have been doing this since eternity as we transmigrated in the 8.4 million forms.
āhār nidrā bhay maithunańch sāmānyametatpaśhubhirnarāṇām

Even animals pursue the pleasures of eating, sleeping, defending and procreation. We have got this rarest of opportunities of having acquired a human body, and we must attempt to rise above the level of these four basic activities, by  using our intellect. If we know the importance of this form of life then we will not waste even a single moment of it.
kṣhaṇārdhamapi vyarthe naneyam

  Chanakya Pandit said: The biggest mistake and act of ignorance in our lives is that  moment when we forgot to remember Shree Krishna. We lose that moment  and it never comes back. So, we have to speedily progress towards attaining the goal of human life. This is our golden opportunity and we can make full use of it by utilizing every moment in remembering God. One day, we will have to leave this human body and go, whether we like it or not. This body will never remain with us.
  Shree Maharajji says:
          avasar bītyo jāt are man         

We are asleep in an illusionary trance created by our own mind. We are approaching death everyday and yet we cheerfully celebrate our birthday. We do not realize that each day which is passing by, is not a joyful moment, but a matter of regret, that so much time has passed away and very little remains. So, without further delay and realizing that this body is temporary, we should start doing Sadhana from this moment.

Some people say "Swamiji! You are right, we should surrender ourselves to God but we will do it tomorrow." Those who says like this can never surrender  to God. Their tomorrow never comes. We have only today, not even today but "now". The present is in our hands.  
jo kal karanā hai so āj kar, jo āj karanā hai so ab
pal mein paralay hoyagī, pherī karegā kab

This present moment is the only gateway to reach God. The past has gone; future has not yet arrived, So we have to do devotion in this present time. We all have got such a beautiful and convenient atmosphere here in Jaganath Puri to do Sadhana. In the olden days, people use to go for pilgrimage on foot. About 500 years ago, Shree Chaitainaya Mahaprabhu did padayatra (walked on foot) through the whole of south India and proceeded to Dwarika (Gujarat) before coming back to Puri. It took him two years to complete his journey. But these days, we get everything so easily. The austere practices people do today is nothing compared to the olden days. Yet, we do not attempt to do Sadhana because of inconveniences it brings to us. Sadhana is the pursuit of beating the mind and its fancies. We have to overcome the difficulties and discomfort faced during Sadhana by fighting the mind. We have spent countless lifetimes thinking about ways to attain happiness. Our mind does not like any discomfort.
Shree Krishna said in Bhagavad Geeta:
mātrāsparśhā tu kauntey śhītoṣhṇ sukh dukhadāḥ  āgamāpāyino nityāstānstitikṣhasv bhārataḥ

A true sadhak is one who continues spiritual practice even in adverse situations.
Shree Krishna says, "O Arjun!" Cold, heat, happiness and sorrow - we experience these sensations because our material senses come in contact with the external world. But the one who remains undisturbed and calm in his mind always realizes the fact that he is not a mortal body but a Soul. He always keeps increasing his tolerance.  In our daily life, we use many luxurious and convenient objects to make our lives comfortable. We have been enjoying these material comforts and will continue to enjoy.  Real Sadhana is when you stop complaining about external interferences, pain and discomforts and continue to remember God under all conditions.
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