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Gems of wisdom by Shree Maharajji
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Shree Krishna Janmashtami - Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj
"Secrets of Spiritual Sadhana" - Swami Mukundananda
Gems of wisdom
by Shree Maharajji

Krishna Classic

Your Shyamsundar is always yours, so why do you feel sad? Have this firm faith that He will love you as much as you love Him. That is His promise. 
Even if you chant 'Ram Ram' or 'Shyam Shyam' for endless lives, day and night but have attachment to worldly objects, then after death you will get the fruit of the object you are attached to and not the Name you have been chanting.
It is Thakurji's (Shree Krishna's) weakness that the moment He hears someone singing Kishoriji's (Radharani's) name, He runs towards the one singing Her names! To please and make Shree Krishna happy, just chant the Divine name and glories of Radharani. This is the fastest method of pleasing your beloved Shree Krishna.
Everything related to Shyamsundar is Divine and not material. It is only our eyes that are material and so we are not able to perceive the Divinity in them.
Shree Krishna is the source and all souls emerge from Him. Therefore, the ultimate aim of the soul is eternal service to Shree Krishna through every sentiment (as Master, Friend, Child, Beloved and All of them).
The duration for which the mind is attached to Shree Krishna, for that duration the mind is detached from the material world. The duration for which a soul stays detached from the world, for that duration consider it to be the special blessing, grace and mercy from God and Guru.
Upcoming Events

Swamiji New

Special Spiritual Day
Aug 29th
Milpitas, CA
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Dallas Retreat
Sept 5th to 7th
YMCA Campsite
Labor Day Weekend

Do not miss this golden opportunity to learn and enjoy Yog, meditation, bhajans and pravachans in close association with Swamiji!!
Register now and be a part of this Spiritual holiday.
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'Science and Spirituality'
Sept 8th to 10th
3-day talk by
Swami Mukundananda
Plano, TX
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Hindu Mandir Conference
Sept 11th to 13th
Swami Mukundananda to deliver the inaugural address at the 4th HINDU MANDIR EXECUTIVES CONFERENCE 2009, which will take place in Maryland/DC.

Synthesis of Spirituality and Materialism
Sept 25th
Dallas, TX
An evening with Swami Mukundananda to explore the Synthesis of Spirituality and Materialism.
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You can find more information about other programs in the events section of our website.
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 Current News

JKP News

Shree Maharajji celebrated Janmashtami at Rangeeli Mahal, Barasana Dham, India with great enthusiasm. Hundreds of devotees took part in this grand celebration on the 14th August.

bal krishna

Shree Maharajji was in Golok Dham, Delhi for 3 days from 16th to 18th August. He celebrated Shree Krishna's Chatti (sixth day of Shree Krishna's birth).

An exclusive Opthalmic wing in Jagadguru Kripalu Chikitsalay was inaugurated by Shree Maharaji in Bhakti Dham, Mangarh.

Shree Maharajji inaugurated the Naturopathy wing of Jagadguru Kripalu Chikitsalay on the 14th of Aug '09 in Rangeeli Mahal, Barsana Dham, India.


Shree Maharajji was in Golok Dham, Delhi for 3 days from 16th to 18th August. He celebrated Shree Krishna's Chatti (sixth day of Shree Krishna's birth).

JKY News


Swamiji is having a yet another highly successful series on the West Coast, at the Sunnyvale Hindu Temple, with over 500 people attending on the weekdays.

Channel Island Cruise


Swamiji spent one day full of fun and frolic with devotees on the Channel Island Cruise.
Devotees were treated to joyous kirtans and exclusive time with Swamiji.

 Jagadguru Kripalu Yog organised Yog and meditation camps. It was successfully held in different parts of Gujarat like Patan, Palanpur, Vapi, Baroda and Ahmedabad.

Yog camps were also organised in different parts of Orissa like Cuttack, Jajpur, Berhampur and other towns.


Tree plantation program was held in the Cuttack ashram, Orissa on August 15th, 2009. Over 100 saplings were planted in and around the campus.

Janmashtami was celebrated in different satsang centers with great enthusiasm.

Swamiji celebrated Janmashtami with all the devotees in Ventura County, Sunnyvale.

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Welcome to the
 Jagadguru Kripalu Yog e-Magazine
Lecture by Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj on the occasion of Shree Krishna Janmashtami

            SMJI pravachan 

We are celebrating Krishna Janmashtami. Who is Krishna? What is the meaning of 'the birth' of Krishna? Why should we celebrate it? These are questions which we are about to get answers for. Let us first understand the meaning of the word 'Krishna'.

kṛiṣhirbhvāchakaḥ  śhabdaḥ  ṇaṣhch  nivṛitti  vāchakaḥ tvayoraikya  parabrahm  kṛiṣhṇa  ityabhidhīyate    (gopālatāpaniyopaniṣhat)

In the Vedas, the meaning of the word "Krishna" is Satchidanand Brahm (the absolute divinity full of bliss, knowledge and eternity).

 'karṣhati paramha˝sānām cheta˝si iti kṛiṣhṇaḥ'

The one who attracts and entices everybody's heart (mind), the Supreme Soul, is Krishna. Even Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shankar (Shiva), are attracted to Shree Krishna. He attracts His own Self! Is it not astonishing?

The Supreme God, Shree Krishna has three main forms -  Brahm, Paramatma and Bhagavan. Just like the three forms of water - steam, ice and water itself (liquid). If we decrease the temperature of water it becomes ice, and if we increase the temperature, it becomes steam. Even though we have three forms, they are fundamentally the same. Similarly, there is only one God who manifests Himself in three different forms.

tattvam  yajj˝ānamadvayam

Let us now understand the meaning and qualities of these three forms of God.

- This refers to the all-pervading form of God. Two main powers that are revealed in this form. The first is self protection and the second is Swaroopanand (personal Bliss). The other powers are present but are not manifest. Another important aspect of Brahm is that He is formless.

Paramatma - This refers to that form of God that resides in everyone's hearts. The Paramatma also manifests in the personal form as Vishnu, and various avatars such as Narsingh and Varaha.  Many more powers are manifest in the Paramatma form, than in the Brahm form. Bhagavan - God reveals all his powers in this form. This is the form of Shree Krishna, in which He manifests. He manifests His Divine Names, Form, Pastimes, Abodes, and Associates.
Bhagavan - God reveals all his powers in this form. This is the form of Shree Krishna, in which He manifests His Divine Names, Form, Pastimes, Abodes, and Associates.

yo sau param brahma gopāl

A question has been asked in the Vedas

kam paramo devaḥ
Who is this Supreme power? Who is Brahm?  kasmānmṛityurvibheti Who is the personality that is feared even by death? kasya j˝ānenākhilam j˝ātam bhavati  What is that, by knowing which everything is known?

The answers to these three questions are given in the Vedas -
kṛiṣhno havai hariaḥ paramam daivataṁ The Supreme power is Shree Krishna. govindānmṛityurvibheti   Even death fears Shree Krishna. And gopījanavallabha j˝ānenākhilam j˝ātam bhavati -  By knowing Shree Krishna everything becomes known. So, Shree Krishna is the ultimate Supreme Personality who is the ocean of Divine Love and eternal Bliss. Shree Krishna is Absolute truth and essence of Divine Love and nectar. We, being a part of His Divine personality naturally love Him.

Now comes the question of Shree Krishna's birth. If we say that He was born, then it means He will die one day. Shree Krishna himself says:

jātasya hī dhruvo mṛityurdhruvam janma mṛitasya cha

"Arjun! The one who is born dies one day." That implies Shree Krishna also died. Is the Supreme Lord also caught in this cycle of life and death?  No, let us
first understand the meaning of the birth of God. For the Supreme Lord, birth means to manifest and death means disappearance. During Shree Krishna's descension period, He first appeared in front of mother Devaki in the form of the four-armed Maha Vishnu, with His Sudarshan chakra, conch, mace, and lotus.

tamadbhutam bālakamambuje kṣhaṇam chaturbhujam śhankha gadayudayudhaṁ

Having seen this form of God she asked Him to appear as a normal child. When Devaki closed and opened her eyes bhaye prakaṭ kṛipalā dīn dayālā God manifested Himself as a sweet smiling child. So, it was not like a material birth that takes place from the mother's womb.  Shree Krishna had a Divine birth, and similarly His body was also Divine.

chidānandamaya deha tumhārī

 vigata vikār jāna adhikārī

Only people with Divine vision are able to perceive the Divinity of His form. So His body is chidanandmaya, full of knowledge and eternal Bliss. We have a body and a soul. The soul is immortal but the body is destructible. But the body and soul of God are one. His body is Divine by nature, full of Bliss.

Every sense organ of God's body can perform the functions of the other senses. For example, God's eyes can see, think, smell, and take decisions. This is unlike human senses, where our eyes can only see and ears can only hear, etc. Each one of the senses of God can perform the functions of all the other senses.

paśhyatyachakṣhu saśhṛiṇotyakarṇaḥ

Not only are God's sense organs so powerful but He can also hear without ears and see without eyes! This is unbelievable for us humans!

Now comes a question. What is the need of  the Absolute and Supreme God to descend on earth? Why does He leave His Divine abode and come to this material world? Does He want something from us humans? No, He is complete and content in Himself. He does not have the need to search for anything from outside to fulfill or satisfy Himself.

There are many reasons for God's descension. But the main reason of His descension is to shower His causeless grace and mercy on everyone. Grace and mercy are ian inseperable part of His nature. This is the reason why He comes to this world repeatedly and does various pastimes.

When God descends on the world, He reveals the glory of His personal and all-blissful Form, His Divine Names and His Pastimes. This provides a basis for the material conditioned souls to engage in His Devotion.  By meditating on His Form, and listening to His Pastimes, they get a means for enhancing their devotion.  If God had not taken any avatars, the souls in the material world would not have had any basis for engaging in devotion, because the formless Brahm is exceedingly difficult to worship.

So the main motive of celebrating Janmashtami is to understand the secret behind Shree Krishna's Divine descension and our eternal relationship with Him. We must aim to build a firm relationship  with Him and constantly realize His presence with us so that we progress quickly on this path and cleanse our mind. By the grace of our Guru, we can then receive Divine Love with which we can relish the sweet leelas of Shree Krishna and enjoy the eternal Bliss of Divine Love.
Secrets of Spiritual Sadhana

 sw pravachan

Continued from previous month...

This is the second line of "Sadhana Karu Pyare" series.

 sādhanā te hī mile tohi, sādhya hari rati pyāre

"Only by doing spiritual practice one can receive the Divine Love of God."
We all have a sadhya. Sadhya means the thing which we want to achieve - our aim. What is our aim?  Hari-Rati. Hari means God, Rati means Love. Our aim is to attain Divine Love of God. This Divine Love is our biggest treasure. All other treasures and possessions become insignificant in front of this treasure. Shri Maharajji says:

as ras mahaṁ mohiṁ sadguru borī

"My Gurudev has completely drenched me in the nectar of Divine love. So sweet is this nectar that compared to it, the combined fruits of 'dharm' (virtuous deeds), 'arth' (wealth), 'kaam' (material pleasure) and 'moksh' (liberation) are absolutely tasteless."

muktānām api siddānām nārāyaṇa parāyaṇaḥ sudurlabhaḥ praśhāntātmā koṭiṣhvapi mahāmune

Even the highly evolved yogis search for this Divine love of Radha Krishna. This Divine Love of Radha Krishna is very rare to attain. So, how will we get this Divine Love? Chaitanya Mahaprabhu explains us that we cannot attain this Divine Love by doing Sadhana or devotional practice.

nitya siddha kṛiṣhṇa prem sādhya kabhu nāy 
śhravaṇādi shuddh chitt karay udāy

This Divine Love is an eternal entity that cannot be created by any meansnot even by Sadhana.  And Shree Maharajji says Divine Love can be attained by doing Sadhana. Now here comes a contradiction. Our scriptures have such apparently contradictory philosophies and knowledge that without a true Saint or a Guru we cannot understand them. On one hand the scriptures say:-

nānugrahastava bina twayi bhaktiyogam

Without the Grace of God one cannot receive real devotion (Bhakti).  On the other hand, the scriptures also say

nānugraham tava binātvaibhaktiyogaḥ

"Without doing devotion one will not receive the grace of God". Now these two precepts seem to be contradictive. How will one receive devotion? Through Grace. How one will receive Grace? Through devotion. So what comes first? The chicken or the egg? Did the tree come first or the seed? If you say the seed came first, how could it come into existence without the tree?   And if you say the tree came first, how did it come into being without the seed?

There is a similar contradiction here. One can ask, without the grace of God how can we do Bhakti? So first God should shower His grace and then we will start doing Bhakti. But how can God shower His grace if we do not do Bhakti? It seems like there is no way out of this puzzle. Does that means we should not do anything and sit quietly? Well, this circular logic is resolves quite easily.

Shree Maharajji says that there are two forms of Bhakti  (Devotion) - one is that which we have to practice and the other is that which we will receive when our devotional practice is complete. The one which we have to practice and observe is called Sadhana Bhakti. The one which we will receive is called Siddha Bhakti (Prema Bhakti). This Siddha Bhakti will be attained by the grace of God. It is possessed by Rasik Saints who has been graced by Radha Krishna. So we need to do Sadhana Bhakti and then God gives Siddha Bhakti.

Ved Vyas says in Bhagwat -

bhaktyāsa˝jātayā bhaktyā vibhratyutpulaka˝tanum

"To receive Bhakti, one must do Bhakti". What does that mean? How can someone practice and receive the same thing in return? The verse actually means that we have to practice Sadhana Bhakti and once we have perfected it,  we will receive Siddha Bhakti. However, even for the Sadhana Bhakti that we are supposed to do, we tell our Guru, "Guruji! Please grace me so that I can do Sadhana Bhakti". This is impossible. If without our efforts, merely by the Guru's grace everything could be done, then the world would not have remained.  The Guru would have bestowed Siddha Bhakti on everyone, and released them from the bondage of maya.

God and Guru ask us to  first realize and utilize the Grace that They have already showered on us.  God has showered His grace in many ways - God has given us this human life. On top of that, we were born in India where we got a spiritual environment. We were bestowed with faith in God. Again by His Grace, we developed a desire to come to Satsang. And the biggest Grace was that we met a God-realized Saint and got attached to Him. He gave us the knowledge of God, showed us the right path of devotion and taught us how to practice it.  After so many graces , if we do not utilize them, we have only ourselves to blame for it. Inspite of knowing the importance of devotion we become lazy, careless and procrastinate in our spritual practice. The more we realize and utilize the grace that God has showered on us, the more grace we will receive. If we do not utilize what we have already received, how can we expect more?

Shree Maharajji says, "I do not expect too much from you all.  I know you cannot enter Golok in one day.  But you do not do as much as you are capable of doing, and that is what makes me feel sad." The reason for this is our own laziness.

ālasya hi manuśhyāṇām śharīrastu mahān ripuḥ

The biggest disease of the human body is laziness.  We know what we are supposed to do, but being lazy, we do not do it. Hence, in the preparatory stage, we have to work hard to overcome carelessness and do proper Sadhana.  What is is this sadhana, and how is it to be done?  This is explained by Shree Maharajji in subsequent lines of this excellent kirtan.
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