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When all the thoughts begin flowing towards God, just as the holy Ganga flows incessantly towards the ocean, that is bhakti or devotion.


The sign of humility is that we see others as better than ourselves, and the faults of others do not come to our mind.


Positive thoughts are like ambrosia to the mind, while negative thoughts are like poison to it.  Harbor only positive thoughts at all times.


We say, "O Lord! Please bestow your Grace on me."  God says, "First realize and feel grateful for the Graces I have already bestowed on you."


We hanker for what we don't have, and we're not grateful for what we do have.  That's the cause of our discontentment and unhappiness.


By keeping a sharp focus on the goal of human life, which is God-realization, we will shoot forward like an arrow moving to its target.

These tweets were sent by Swamiji from his Twitter account, to remind us of the eternal spiritual principles, as taught by Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj.

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Spiritual Dialectics - This book is a compilation of the doubts lingering in the minds of people across the world regarding life, duty, philosophy and the scriptures.  Thus, making the discussions available as a reference source for sincere seekers worldwide, who are looking for answers to their own questions.

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Current News

Oracle Headquarters

Swamiji was invited to Oracle World Headquarters at Redwood Shores, CA for a talk on "Wellness for Life through Yoga, Meditation and Spirituality" on April 28th, 2011.  After his talk at Club Oracle, which was heartily appreciated by everyone, with his childlike nature, Swamiji had a good time there by visiting various facilities at Oracle HQ.

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Googleplex Event

Swamiji delivered an enlightening talk on the topic "The Path to Happiness" at Googleplex, CA, the World Headquarters of Google on May 12th, 2011.  The talk was very well attended and enthusiastically received by the professionals. 

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Fremont Event

Sunnyvale Event

Swamiji successfully completed his enlightening discourses at Sunnyvale and Fremont.  Yoga and Meditation programs were also conducted by Swamiji in Sunnyvale.

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Swamiji has recently concluded his program in Norwalk, CA.


Swamiji's discourses on the topic "Science of God-realization" and Yoga & Meditation program have started in Pasadena, CA, and will conclude on May 26th, 2011.

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Swamiji gave an interview on Radio Fundu's, "Friday Special" by Vijayalakshmi.  Swamiji started the interview with how he got inclined towards spirituality, and moved on to the more profound subject of, 'The relevance of spirituality in today's fast life, gilded by scientific advancements'.  He further explained the concept of Karmayog.  He also explained the various aspects of the JKYog system of yoga.  He also told three valuable advices for parents of young children.

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Welcome to the
 Jagadguru Kripaluji Yog
by Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj

    Shree Maharajji

You would be familiar with the word satsang.  Sat means "Saint" or "Divine personality" and sang means "to associate".  If sat, the Saint, is genuine and our sang, association with him, is also genuine, then we will attain our ultimate goal of God-realization and Divine Bliss.  The Vedas state:

tadvigyānārthaṁ sa gurumevābhigachchhet

samitpāṇiḥ śhrotriyaṁ brahmaniṣhṭham (Mundakopanishad)

A true Saint is one who has complete knowledge of the scriptures, and also practical realization of God.  He should be able to impart to us the theoretical knowledge of the Vedas.  Furthermore, he should have attained Divine vision of God.  He must possess the treasure of Divine Love Bliss.  If someone has a cheque book but nothing in the bank, what can the cheque book achieve?  If one merely talks about God, without having surrendered to Him and having attained Divine Love, then that talk will merely increase ones pride.

Now what is "genuine association"?   There seems to be some shortcoming from our side in our association with Saints.  In the course of innumerable lifetimes, we must have met Saints countless times.  Countless times!  Saints are always present on earth and we have also been here since eternity.  So, all these Saints we hear about - Tulsidas, Soordas, Meera, Kabir, Nanak, Tukaram, Shankaracharya, Nimbarkacharya, Madhvacharya, Vallabhacharya - are personalities that we have seen, heard and met.  We were present in their times, we went to them, and we heard their lectures, but we did not gain any spiritual benefit.  We said to them, "You are not a true Saint," and they said to us, "Your association was not proper."


Now, to claim that we have not once met a genuine Saint is sheer madness.  In our innumerable past lives, we have met countless Descensions of God, so how is it possible that we have not met Saints?  We did meet them, but our mistake was that our association with them was not proper.  


What do we mean by sang or association?  It can be of three kinds.  We possess three things: body, mind, and soul.  Amongst these three, what must we associate with God and the Saints?  Scriptures say that we must associate all three.  The surrender must be complete.  God says we must offer all that we have in our possession.  It is true that whatever we have is impure and dirty, but we must offer it anyway.  God does not expect us to offer Him Divine things from Golok.  He says, "Whatever you possess, offer it all to Me."  Of our three possessions, the mind is the most important.  This mind has two states: mind and intellect.  The advaitis (monists) mention four states, but that is not important.  In the Bhagavad Geeta, Shree Krishna has Himself mentioned only two states of the mind:  

mayyeva mana ādhatsva mayi buddhiṁ niveśhaya 

"Arjun!  Offer your mind to me, and offer your intellect also to me."  Arjun thought, "The mind is one, then how is He is asking for two things?"  Shree Krishna said, "Yes!  Yes!  There is only one mind, but it has two states.  When it thinks, it is called the mind, and when it takes decisions, it is called the intellect."  The Vedas say:

            buddhiṁ tu sārathiṁ viddhi manaḥ pragrahameva cha (Kathopanishad)

God says, "I have given you a chariot.  What does this chariot comprise?  First of all is the body of the chariot.  Then there are horses pulling the chariot.  In the mouths of the horses are the ropes. These ropes are in the hands of the driver.  There is also a passenger who is seated in the chariot."  God says, "Why have I given you this chariot?  So that you may come to me.  Come as you are.  Do not be showy."  Amazingly, we have been traveling on this chariot for endless lifetimes, and yet we have not reached God, even though His abode is very close.  All we have to do is to turn the chariot in the opposite direction, and we will reach Him. 

In this example of the chariot, the horses are the senses, the ropes are the mind, the chariot driver is the intellect, the passenger is the soul. The human form or the body, which we have attained through great fortune, is the chariot.  Our aim is to take the chariot towards God, in other words, surrender to him.  Instead, we have been going in the opposite direction.  It is like someone who has to go to Allahabad, which is in the east, but is going westwards towards Lucknow. 

juṣhṭaṁ yadāpaśhyatyanyamīśhamasya mahimānamiti vītaśhokaḥ (Mundakopanishad)

The Vedas say: "Turn around.  Do a right about-turn or a left about-turn, but reverse your direction.  God is standing just behind you, waiting for you."  But, we do not wish to turn around.  We are accepting one another as mother, father, son, wife and husband, and we are seeking our goal of happiness through them.  We are begging door-to-door for happiness, and the ones we are begging from are also beggars for that same happiness.  All the beggars are fooling each other.  Each one is promising, "Come to me.  I will make you very happy."  Mother, father, wife, husband, son, everyone is saying this.  They are deceiving us, and we are being kicked by them.  At times, we do realize that these people cannot give us happiness, since they are begging for it themselves.  But, this knowledge does not remain for very long, and we quickly go back to the world, searching for that happiness.  


Thus, it is mainly the mind and the intellect that must associate with the Saint.  And of these two, the intellect is more important.  The mind is a mere servant of the intellect.  It simply does what the intellect tells it to do.  You people say time and time again, "Oh!  My mind does not want to think of God.  My mind is telling me to sleep.  My mind is telling me to go away from here."  Granted the mind may be telling you to do all this, but you must learn to control it with the intellect that God has given you.  


So, how do we understand the working of the mind and the intellect? How do we train the mind to truly associate with a Saint? We will learn this in the next edition.

To be continued in the next edition....

Secrets of Spiritual Sadhana

by Swami Mukundananda

Swamiji's Lecture 

Continuing with the next two lines of 'Sadhana Karu Pyare' series....

hari daras de yā na de tum, rote jāo pyāre

ek din aihaiṁ, ihai vishavās rākhahu pyāre

Shree Kripaluji Maharaj further tells us what we have to do and what not to do in devotion.  Narad ji told us about the sign of devotion:

tadvismaraṇe paramavyākulateti

Bhakti (devotion) means, "To become immensely eager to meet God".  The one who practices devotion, constantly increases his longing to meet God.  He will be desperate to see God and think, "When will I have His Divine vision?  Here, Shree Kripaluji Maharaj tells us that we should make a desire to meet God, but if He does not grant His vision at present, then we should not get disappointed because a devotee cannot demand anything from God.  He cannot say, "O Shyamsundar!  You have to give me Your darshan (vision).  A devotee can only request, "O God!  It is my strong desire to have your Divine vision."  If God does not give His vision, then the only reason is that our eagerness to meet Him has not reached that level.


There is an example of a poet who spoke about God.  He said, "It is wrongly said by someone that no one can find you.  The truth is that we do not search for you to the extent that is required to find you."  It is not at all impossible to attain God.  The problem is that we don't try our level best to attain Him.  Hence, if God is not willing to give His vision at present, then it is not His fault.  It is our mistake.  We have to keep removing this shortcoming of ours and keep progressing on the spiritual path.  We should not get disappointed.  If a devotee gets disheartened, he says, "I have been shedding tears for so many years.  God has not given His darshan till now.  If He does not care for my wish and does not need me, I will also not care for Him.  I do not need Him anymore."  This kind of disappointment is very dangerous, as it leads to a devotee's spiritual downfall.  


There is an incident about Madhusudan Saraswati, who was a great scholar and a follower of Shankaracharya.  He used to visit various places to challenge others in scriptural debates and defeat them.  One day, he met a Saint.  The Saint said, "Madhusudan, when you win a scriptural debate, do you feel happy?"  He replied, "Yes, I fell happy when I win."  The Saint again asked, "And if by chance you lose, then do you feel sad?"  "Yes, I feel unhappy when I lose," replied Madhusudan.  The Saint replied, "You are still oscillating between the states of happiness and sadness.  You have not reached the state of non-dualism. You talk about non-dualism, but you are still under the clutches of  the dualities of sorrow and happiness.  By performing such debates you are increasing your ego."  Madhusudan was shocked at the Saint's statement and thought, "The Saint has pointed out my fault."  He asked the Saint, "What should I do now?   The Saint was an elevated soul.  He directed Madhusudan to practice devotion to Shree Krishna.  By doing so, the mind and intellect will get purified.  Shankaracharya said:

śhuddhayati hi nāntarātmā kṛiṣhṇapadāmbhojabhaktimṛite

"It is impossible to purify the mind without devotion to Shree Krishna."


The Saint instructed Madhusudan to go to Vrindavan and while staying in Braj, practice devotion to Shree Krishna. He was told to practice sadhana (devotion) to have the Divine vision of Shree Krishna.  Madhusudan went to Vrindavan and practiced sadhana continuously for three years, but Shree Krishna never gave His vision.  Madhusudan got disappointed and said, "Everything is a waste."  He stopped practicing devotion, gave up, and started to go back.   


While returning, he saw another Saint sitting near a tree.  The Saint said to Madhusudan, "You have lost hope so soon".  Madhusudan replied, "How do you know?" The Saint said, "I know many things.  Nevertheless what was your experience?"  Madhusudan said, "I practiced so much sadhana, still God did not give darshan, and that is why I got disappointed."  The Saint said, "Never mind.  Before having the Divine vision of God, I will introduce you to a ghost.  I will teach you how to practice devotion to meet a ghost.  Will you practice it?" Madhusudan answered, "I did not have God's vision.  Let's see, I will at least get the vision of a ghost".


He learnt to practice the new devotion, and did it for one year.  But even the ghost did not give his vision.  Again Madhusudan felt disheartened and decided to return back.  Again, he saw that same Saint under the tree.  The Saint asked Madhusudan, "What happened?"  Madhusudan answered, "Maharaj, The sadhana (devotion) that you taught me was not fruitful.  I did not see any ghost."  The Saint called the ghost.  He asked the ghost, "Why did you not grant your darshan to Madhusudan?"  The ghost replied, "Maharaj, I wanted to come near him, but his aura was so strong that I began to burn".  I could not go near him."  Madhusudan thought, "There is some benefit in my sadhana (devotion).  I don't realize it, but the sadhana that I am practicing is showing its effect."  He became aware of the effects of devotion.


He again went and continuously practiced devotion for three years in the place where the Radha Govind Temple has been built.  Finally, Shree Krishna gave His Divine vision to him.  When Shree Krishna came, a strange thing happened.  Madhusudan turned his face away and did not look at God.    Shree Krishna asked him, "Why are you dejected?"  Madhusudan asked, "What took you so long to give me Your vision?"  Shree Krishna showed him a mountain of his sins.  Shree Krishna said, "These are all your sanchit karm (deeds performed in the past lives).  All these sins got burnt and your mind got completely purified.  Then, I granted you My vision."


Therefore, it takes time for devotion to show its result.  If we get disappointed, then we will not be able to reach our goal.  We cannot demand God for His vision. He is not our slave that we demand and He fulfills our wish.  A soul has only got the right to keep desiring for God's vision.  And whether He will give His darshan or not?  When will He give darshan?  We should leave this decision to God.


In China, there are two religions namely Taoism and Confucianism.  There is a well known saying in Tao religion: Even if the destination is hundred miles away, it begins by taking a single step.  The construction of a huge temple begins by the laying of a single brick.  In the same manner, we should not be worried about reaching the destination of attaining God; rather, we should keep taking one step after another and keep progressing in our spiritual journey.  Have this firm faith that one day we will definitely meet God.  We are a part of Him and He is our eternal father.  It is not like that He does not care for us and thinks, "Let the soul suffer in the miseries of the world.  He also cares and worries about us, "Since infinite lifetimes, my son has been under the clutches of Maya."  He also thinks how to uplift the soul.  So, have this strong belief that one day God will surely meet us.   


Once, a disciple of Lord Chaitaniya Mahaprabhu ji asked him, "How much time is left to achieve my goal of God-realization?"  Mahaprabhu ji said, "You have as many life times left as there are leaves on this tree."  The man thought, "After so many lifetimes, will I actually be able to attain God?"  He was happy and started jumping with joy.  He started to dance and chant, Hari bol Hari bol.   Mahaprabhu ji said, "No, No.  You will attain God in this life itself."  He became even happier, and started jumping with greater enthusiasm.   Mahaprabhu ji saw his faith and devotion increasing.  He said, "Well, You can have God's vision at this very moment."


Other devotees objected and said, "Maharaj ji, how could you change your own words and grant Him a vision?"  Mahaprabhu ji said, "When I told him that one day God will definitely meet him, his bhakti (devotion) increased tremendously.  When I told him that God will definitely meet him in this lifetime itself, his faith and devotion increased even more."


So, when bhakti increases, we can see that the faith that we will meet God also increases. There is a firm belief that He will definitely grant His vision to us one day.  If not in this lifetime, He will come in some other life time.  But, He will definitely grant us His vision.  That is the sign of true devotion.  By practicing this, we will progress in our daily sadhana.  This is what Shree Maharajji explains in these two lines of the keertan.

ask swamiji logo  

Question In today's materialistic world, the soul takes a beating, and the extent depends on the society, the profession, the community and each person's ability to bear it.  How does one cleanse or heal his soul? 


You are the soul, which is a part of God, and hence by nature you are perpetually Divine.  You do not need to cleanse the soul.  The problem is that the soul is identifying with the body, mind, and intellect.  Hence, when the mind feels tormented, the soul experiences the misery.  For example, if someone cuts your head in your dream, even though the dream is not a reality, you will experience the suffering until you wake up from the dream.  Similarly, the Divine soul experiences the distress of the mind in the materially conditioned state because it identifies with it.  

So when you say that the soul takes a beating, what you mean is that the mind takes a beating, and the soul experiences the pain vicariously.  Once the mind is sufficiently cleansed, the soul will be able to perceive the distinction between itself and the mind, and distance itself from its dualities.  Hence, we must endeavor to cleanse the mind.  

Many materialists too are awake to this need for purifying the mind, since the soul naturally feels disconcerted by an impure mind and yearns to experience the state of purity that is natural to it.  A plethora of techniques and self-help books are available in the world for practicing positive thinking in its various forms and connotations.  However, all these techniques have very limited effectiveness, and the results achieved are temporary.  We must remember that the mind is made from Maya, which is God's energy, and it cannot be conquered by self-effort alone.  The mind can be permanently and totally healed only by the Grace of God.

So the most powerful practice for cleansing the mind is to engage it in Bhakti, or love of God.  That is the verdict of all the Vedic literatures and the essence of all religion.  Shree Krishnaexplains in the Bhagavad Geeta that Maya has three modes-sattva, rajas, and tamas.  These three gunas, or modes, are also present in the mind, which fluctuates between these three gunas.  Based on the guna of the environment or the object to which one is attached, the corresponding guna becomes dominant in the mind.  However, God is beyond these three gunas.  He is Divine, and so when we attach our mind to Him, it too rises beyond the three gunas and becomes Divine.

 The Ramayan states:

prema bhagati jala binu raghurāī 

abhiantara mala kahabhuń na jāī (Ramayan)

"Until we wash our mind in the water of love of God, its dirt will never go."  

The Bhagavatam states:

   dharmaḥ satyadayopeto vidyā vā tapasānvitā  madbhaktyāpetamātmānaṁ na samyak prapunāti hi  

(Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 11.14.22)

"We may follow all the rules of proper conduct, we may perform severe austerities, and we may accumulate the most esoteric knowledge, but without Bhakti, none of these practices will suffice in cleansing the mind."

So, do try to understand and sincerely practice the various facets of the science of devotion to God.  Use that knowledge to attach your mind to Him, relishing the Bliss of Divine Love, and very soon you will experience the mind being elevated and cleansed from endless lifetimes of impurities.


Swamiji answers selected questions related to Yog, Spirituality and Philosophy every month on our e-Magazine. 

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Moral Story

Angel and the Woodcutter

Moral Story 

Once there lived a poor woodcutter with his wife and children in a small hut.  He made his living by cutting and selling wood from the forest with his iron axe.  He sold wood in the nearby village and bought food for his family.  Though he was poor, the woodcutter led a contented life.  He was happy with whatever he could earn with his hard efforts.

One day, the woodcutter woke up early.  He prayed and thanked Almighty God for keeping him safe and healthy.  He then bid farewell to his wife and children and set off to work with his handy axe resting on his shoulders.

On that day, the woodcutter had chosen to cut an old tree.  The tree grew beside the river.  As he raised his hands to chop the tree's branches, the axe slipped away from his fingers and fell into the flowing river. 

The woodcutter was sad and had no idea how to get his axe back.  The river was too deep and he did not know how to swim.  He thought about his wife and children at home.  If he failed to sell wood, they would all go hungry. 

As he sat under the tree, an angel appeared before him and asked why he was so unhappy.  The woodcutter told her about his problem.  "Oh angel, I will forever be grateful to you if you bring back my axe that has fallen into the river."  

Pleased by his manners, the angel dived into the river.  She came out with a sparkling golden axe.  "Is this the axe you lost?" she asked.  "No" replied the woodcutter disappointed.  "My axe is not made of gold."

The angel dived again and came up with a shining silver axe.  "Is this the one?" she asked the woodcutter.  "No" he replied.  "My axe is not made of silver either; it hardly shines."

For the third time, the angel dived into the river.  This time, she came out with the woodcutter's iron axe, much to his delight.  The woodcutter said, "That is my axe!  I am very thankful for your help; how can I repay you?  I do not have anything."

The angel said, "I am pleased with your honesty.  You could have claimed the gold and silver axe as your own and taken it home.  However, you did not lie to me.  Instead, you chose the iron axe that rightfully belonged to you.  For your honesty, I reward you with both the golden and silver axes."  Saying this, she handed him all the three axes and disappeared before he could thank her for his good fortune. 

The woodcutter returned home a very happy man.  He was rewarded for his honesty and hard work.  His family was happy to learn what had happened that day.

Moral :- Be honest; tell the truth.  Do not try to cheat anyone and you shall rewarded for good behavior.


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Jagadguru Kripaluji Yog 

Singh Garjan Asan

Singh Garjan Asan


Sit in Vajrasan with the knees 1 foot apart. Place your hands in front; on the floor, between the knees with fingers pointing towards the body.  Lean forward from your waist and look between the eyebrow centre.  Inhale (Radhey); take out your tongue with mouth wide open and make a roaring sound.  Repeat 3-5 times.


This asan is recommended for problems regarding ENT (ear, nose and throat).  Helps in lucid enunciation.  It is useful in tonsil, thyroid and other throat related problems.