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The Power of Positive Thoughts

The Power of Positive Thoughts | Your Thoughts Make Your Life

Swamiji illustrates the power of positive thoughts in shaping our destinies.

Spiritual Gems

New Year 2018 – Become Successful and Progress Spiritually

New year is a time of introspection for serious spiritual aspirants to determine their progress from the previous year and commit to spiritual goals for the upcoming year.


Humility is the Absence of Ego

Inspirations for Living / September 09, 2017

All the scriptures extol growing humility as the only way to succeed in true devotion to God. 500 years ago, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu instructed us to be humbler than a blade of grass.

Leadership Through Service

Leadership Through Service

Inspirations for Living / October 30, 2016

Leading through service, or service leadership, seems like an oxymoron at best. After all, how can a servant be a leader? Well, it turns out that individuals who view themselves primarily as servants make for very natural leaders, owing to the follow…

Learn to Value Time

Learn to Value Time

Inspirations for Living / August 09, 2016

“Time is money” is a famous everyday expression. Time is important because it is in limited supply—there are only 24 hours in a day, and once lost, can never be regained. Time is not a commodity that can be recycled and while time may go on, our body…