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You Are Destined for Perfection

You Are Destined for Perfection!

God Himself desires us to become perfect! So why should we doubt that we are destined for perfection?

Grace Or Justice

Grace Or Justice? | Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Videos, Kripalu Wisdom, Yoga / April 13, 2018

Swamiji explains – is it grace or justice that will help us to reach God? Often when we are wronged, we look toward God to bestow justice. However, when we are at fault in some way, we expect his grace.

A Prayer From the Heart

A Prayer From the Heart

Swamiji recites in his touching voice, a daily prayer that cries out to the Divine Beloved for causeless mercy and humbly begs for the gift of Divine Love that is needed to accomplish the goal of human life, namely serving God.

Our Goal

What is Our Goal in Life?

Videos, Kripalu Wisdom / February 16, 2018

Swamiji reveals that despite our seemingly different personalities and ambitions, we all really have just one goal in life.

3 more common Spiritual Questions

Swamiji Answers – 3 Most Common Spiritual Questions of Seekers

Videos, Q&A with Swamiji, Kripalu Wisdom / February 16, 2018

Swamiji answers based on Vedic scriptures, the most common spiritual questions asked by seekers. Having the correct knowledge is crucial for success on the spiritual path.

Meaning of OM | Power of Chanting Names of God

Videos, Kripalu Wisdom, Yoga / February 15, 2018

Swamiji talks about the meaning of OM and the power of chanting names of God. According to the Vedic scriptures all of creation unfolded from sound.