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The Guru - Your Guiding Light to God!

We need to acquire spiritual knowledge that will help remove ignorance and purify the mind of its defects.

Guided Meditation

Want to Know the Most Magical Meditation?

One of the most powerful techniques of calming the mind, and achieving inner peace is meditation.

JKYog Janmashtami

Janmashtami - Celebrate the Birth of the Supreme Lord!!

Krishna Leelas / August 23, 2019

Is there a day that sparks as much optimism as Janamashtmi? This day is the descension of the Supreme Divine Personality into this world.


Akrura’s Meeting with Sri Krishna

Krishna Leelas / January 18, 2017

Akrura’s Meeting with Sri Krishna With his heart full of excitement and anticipation, Akrura arrived in his chariot in Vrindavan to meet his darling Sri Krishna for the very first time.

Gopi’s Love for Shri Krishna

A Gopi’s Love for Shri Krishna

Krishna Leelas / January 05, 2017

A Gopi’s Love for Shri Krishna Sharad Poornima is celebrated on the full moon night of the Hindu lunar month of Ashwin. It was on this day that the Gopis of Vrindavan earned the grace of Lord Krishna by overlooking society’s disdain on them and offer…

Yashoda’s Delight

Yashoda’s Delight

Krishna Leelas / August 10, 2016

During his descension five thousand years ago, Lord Krishna revealed very sweet pastimes to grace his devotees. Amongst all his leelas, his childhood leelas with Mother Yashoda are some of the sweetest and have been sung about repeatedly by rasik sai…