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Best Time to Eat Meals

Wellness For Life, Videos, Naturopathy, Yoga / February 06, 2018

Swamiji talks about the best time to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner respectively. The digestive processes in our body have a natural progression from sunrise to sunset. Therefore, we must adjust our eating habits corresponding to the time of day to…

Vegetarian Balanced

Vegetarian Balanced Diet for Holistic Health

Wellness For Life, Videos, Naturopathy, Yoga / February 03, 2018

Swamiji discusses the key components of a vegetarian balanced diet. A common complaint with vegetarian diets is the lack of sufficient protein.



Naturopathy / June 10, 2014

This sweet summertime fruit is bursting with flavour and nutrition. Here’s what’s inside:

What’s inside Watermelon

Vitamin A: This important vitamin helps support eye health and is an antioxidant that can help the body f…

Naturopathy Treatment

7 Days Naturopathy Treatment & Training Camp (NTTC)

News and Update, Naturopathy, JK University / November 19, 2013

image-2 Jagadguru Kripalu University - Dept. of Yoga & Naturopathy is organizing a 7-day Treatment & Training Camp (NTTC) Date: 6th To 12th November 2013 Venue: JK Conference Hall


Dr. Babu Joseph Visit – Naturopathy Hospital at JK University

News and Update, Naturopathy / September 19, 2013

Dr. Babu Joseph, Director of National Institute of Naturopathy, Pune visited the Naturopathy Hospital at JK University campus in...