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3 more common Spiritual Questions

Swamiji Answers – 3 Most Common Spiritual Questions of Seekers

Videos, Q&A with Swamiji, Kripalu Wisdom / February 16, 2018

Swamiji answers based on Vedic scriptures, the most common spiritual questions asked by seekers. Having the correct knowledge is crucial for success on the spiritual path.

How to Become a True Pilgrim

Swamiji Answers – How to Become a True Pilgrim?

Q&A with Swamiji, Meditation, Bhakti Yog / January 19, 2018

Swamiji talks about the secret behind becoming a true pilgrim. In earlier times, people in India would undertake pilgrimages to holy places to exclusively focus on God for a few days.

Was Gita Written Before Mahabharata

Swamiji Answers – Was Gita Written Before Mahabharata?

Videos, Q&A with Swamiji / January 18, 2018

Swamiji discusses the context of the Gita to help us appreciate its profound knowledge.

QA with swamiji

Why are we failing to overcome lust, greed, anger, etc?

Q&A with Swamiji / December 26, 2016

Question: Lust, greed, anger, jealousy, pride etc torment us despite our best efforts to eliminate them. Why is it so?. Swamiji:  The reason why they have us in their grip is because we souls are under Maya.  These—lust, anger, greed, hatred, envy, i…


How is meditation 20 times more beneficial than pranayam?

Q&A with Swamiji / November 28, 2016

Question: In one of your recent lectures you mentioned that pranayam is 20 times more beneficial than asanas and meditation is 20 times more beneficial than pranayam. Please illustrate since this sounds so incredible to most.

QA with swamiji

Is it possible to find complete bliss amidst disease, old age and death?

Q&A with Swamiji / October 25, 2016

Swamiji: There are different kinds of bliss. A drunkard gets happiness from alcohol; a businessman gets bliss from counting his fortune; a gyani experiences happiness from the cultivation of knowledge. However, none of these can satisfy the soul, f…