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East Coast Retreat 2019

East Coast Relishes the Bliss of Devotion with Swami Mukundananda

Retreat Updates / May 31, 2019

Two and a half days of sheer bliss and joy just concluded in a sold-out event in the East coast (Baltimore, MD). Held in the serene setting of suburban Baltimore, it attracted hundreds of attendees, with many of them flying in from far places such Te…

6 Reasons To Attend A Spiritual Retreat

6 Reasons To Attend A Spiritual Retreat

Retreat Updates / April 05, 2016

They say, everything happens for a reason, but a spiritual retreat happens, not just for a reason, but six of them! Here are the reasons why you should attend a spiritual retreat:

Sadhana Shivir in Banara

Our 6 wonderful memories from JKYog Sadhana Shivir in Banara

Retreat Updates / January 18, 2016

For the very first time a week long Sadhana Shibir was organised in Banara, JK University this week. Sadhana Shibir also known as Spiritual Retreat is a especially organised program for devotees. It goes without saying that all Sadhana Shibirs are bl…


Relax, Recharge, Rejoice – Join JKYog Retreats 2015

“In a place helpful to the mind and pleasing to the eyes, in a hidden retreat, let the aspirant cultivate spirituality.” Svetasvatara Upanisad

Labor Day

Labor Day Retreat!

Retreat Updates, News and Update / July 19, 2010

Two of fun filled retreats in Swamiji’s company have passed. Third and the last retreat of this year’s Swamiji’s USA tour is down the corner.