Yoga For The Body, Mind & Soul

Yoga for the Body, Mind & Soul

Yoga for the Body, Mind & Soul is a comprehensive treatise on Yoga.  It is a holistic system of Yog, written to correct the anomaly in the Western world, where Yoga is taught as a mere physical science.

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Yoga for the Body, Mind & Soul

The word Yog means to unite.  So, the aim of Yog is to yoke the soul with the Supreme Soul (God), freeing the soul from the limitations of being bound to the material world.  Yog works on all aspects of an individual – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  It harmonizes, balances, purifies, and strengthens the body, mind and soul of the practitioner.  This book is a practical guide for the application of Yogic sciences in our lives.  Taking a holistic approach, therefore, it incorporates yoga (asanas) with breathing exercises (pranayama), meditation (roopdhyan), subtle body relaxation and healthy diet.  It offers a complete system to attain one's true full potential.


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