"Listen to our participants share their feelings and sentiments about our programs, associating with Swamiji and
about the transformation they have experienced within.

Jagadguru Kripaluji Yog connects with people from all walks of life and helps them enrich their lives with
Yoga, Meditation, devotion and blissful living."

  • Letter From Congressman Robert A. Roe
  • Proclamation by the Mayor of Richardson, Texas
  • Mayor of Irving City, Texas
  • Special Recognition From Mayor of Plano
  • Mayor of Tulsa, OK
  • Letter From Kellog School of Management, Illinois
  • Letter From Congressman Robert A. Roe
  • Princeton University
  • Honorable Robert A Roe Congressman Emeritus

Swami Mukundananda is continually inspiring. I love the yoga as it takes me deep inward and prepares my body to be able to relax into a devotional stillness where I can focus deeply inward and absorb the chanting and philosophy that follows. I can't wait to return for more.

Laura Fine, CA

Swamiji gave us a spiritual tour of a life time. I was like a cocoon (silk worm) and now a butterfly.

Jitesh Shah

I enjoyed Yogasanas, Meditation, Pranayam and Lectures by Swamiji the most. Meditation helped me a lot. Parikrama was unforgettable. Subtle body relaxation - enjoyed it very much.

Shaila J Shah

We never thought it was so easy to be engaged in Bhajans and meditation for so long without any thoughts of our daily mundane activities. Initially, we were curious to meet an IIT and IIM graduate preaching God's message, but after listening to him we realised he was much more than a Ph.D in spiritual science!

Hari and Swapna, CT

From being a God fearing person, I am now a God loving person. I was amazed by the knowledge, simplicity, and down to earth approach of Swamiji and his Divine lectures.

Sudharshan Devaraju, NY

He has simplified my understanding of Hinduism, who is God, how to pray, how to always remember God during the day. There is a certain level of peace and tranquillity which I now have in my life; that was not there before. Next time he comes, I am going to bring all my friends and family!

S. Shah, USA

Swamiji has deep knowledge and thorough understanding of vedic/Hindu scriptures. Swamiji is a true devotee. He brings the presence of Shree Radha Krishna amongst us. It is as if we can touch and speak to them. I feel so good just seeing his smiling face and his eyes.

Janki Keshava, Chicago

Listening to Swamiji is like slow poison. You don't realize its impact till you well upon it later and start implementing his advice in daily activities.

R. Patel, USA

Swamiji's presence is always felt everywhere. His concise, clear, and logical presentations with conviction inspire everyone. He truly has influenced my life & the way of thinking.

Amit Dharia, Dallas

They have influenced me deeply and I will try to follow this path to increase Bhakti.

Teresa Castro (Hyattsville, MD)

I am proud to have been associated with this program which turned out really well. You are a great orator with good command of your field, the scriptures, Sanskrit Language and the other various skills required to mesmerize any audience and hold them spellbound. Simply amazing....

Sunil Kumar (Commissioner - Delhi)

Excellent! Meditation sessions were just on top of this world & most enjoyable.

Sanjeev Aneja (Edison, NJ)

Swamiji’s soft and sweet voice, simplicity but powerful lecture has helped me in many ways and in particular to surrender all my thoughts and actions to the feet of the Lord.

Savitri Pasram (Floral Park, NY)

So phenomenal that I don’t know what to do. I have so much gratitude. I feel so much has been lifted off me. It is such a gift to be here. Swamiji really cares for you in such a personal way that it is astonishing. The first night when I woke up in the morning, I felt Swamiji had stretched himself to cover all of us while we were sleeping.

Nancy (Kalyani) Carter (NYC, NY)

Very inspiring to here such great wisdom presented in such tangible and emerging manner.

Sid Whitkin (Flushing, NY)

Swamiji’s lectures were powerful and sweet. I learned a lot from lectures. Swamiji is very simple. Swamiji devote his time to the people and answers their questions patiently.

Khimrajie Basoleo

Swamiji, really woke me up. It was very much an enlightenment experience.

Bheesham Rambrich (Whitestone, NY)

In the spring of 2001, I attended a stimulating discourse given by Swami Mukundananda . The Swami discussed the Hindu concept of Karma Yoga, or working without attachment. The experience greatly enhanced my perception of the Hindu religion and broadly extended my cultural views.

Rishi S. Aggarwal, Youth Column

Swamiji gave us a spiritual tour of a life time. I was like a cocoon (silk worm) and now a butterfly.

Srinivas Kasthoori, MD

It was through Swamiji’s lectures and association that we have come to the retreat a second time, and have also become a JKYOG life member. We consider ourselves really blessed to be a part of this occasion.

Swapna Hari (Manchester, Connecticut)

Swamiji's lectures are very easy to understand, although they are very profound & filled with ancient wisdom. His examples and stories took the message straight to our heart."

Venkatesh Srinivasan, CT

We first met and attended Swamiji’s lectures in Wayne, NJ and we were so impressed by the depth of his knowledge that we wanted more of it. His method of teaching is extremely genuine and comes from the bottom of his heart. I was highly inspired, and he showed us the path to connect with God to attain the ultimate happiness.

Satyendra Shoor & Amrit Shoor (Wayne, NJ)

It is possible for the undeserving soul to reach God- realization.

Dhiren Das (NJ)

Swamiji’s simple practical examples and logical explanations to implement vedic knowledge in practical life, digests easily in the human brain and goes straight to the heart. It instantly moves you from the state of knowing to the state of being. A transformation of self like I ‘ve never seen.

Aruna Kannan, Dallas, USA

Great. Swamiji has a very good quality of explaining complex matters in simple terms with lots of day-to-day illustrations to drive the matter home. I truly enjoyed the lectures.

Rupendra M Anklekar (Franklin, MA)

Like God is an "Ocean of Bliss", Swamiji is an ocean of spiritual knowledge. I learnt about the "Vedas" which is not taught in schools. Swamiji has managed to wake up the inner soul in me, and show us all the right path to attain God. I am blessed to get such an opportunity.

Ramesh Dugyala, MA

How can this small mind explain about such a knowledgeable saint? I do not have the words to express or write about his qualities. Always smiling, full of energy, always listening to everyone!

Poonam & Prem Baweja, Houston

The meditations and subtle-body relaxation were really a great experience. Swamiji's lectures are very inspiring. Even without asking questions, many of them were answered. It was as if Swamiji heard my inner voice!

Vaidehi Kannan, MD

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