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A Million Reasons to be Happy

A Million Reasons to be Happy

Find A Million Reasons to be Happy in the first chapter of the recent book 7 Mindsets for Success, Happiness and Fulfilment by Swami Mukundanand, the International authority of Mind Management


Introducing the 7 Mindset for Success Happiness and Fulfillment

Swami Mukunandanad in his latest book is introducing the 7 mindsets which you will need for achieving your true potential in both Spiritual and Materialistic worlds.

Cure Depression Now!

Cure Depression Now!

If you have ever felt trapped by a negative thought pattern despite your best efforts, read on!

Self Control and Will Power Through Meditation

Make the Impossible, Possible!

We all wish to accomplish challenging goals. Discipline bridges the gap between our goals and us.

Grace Or Justice

Grace Or Justice? | Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Videos, Kripalu Wisdom, Yoga / April 13, 2018

Swamiji explains – is it grace or justice that will help us to reach God? Often when we are wronged, we look toward God to bestow justice. However, when we are at fault in some way, we expect his grace.

The Power of Positive Thoughts

The Power of Positive Thoughts | Your Thoughts Make Your Life

Swamiji illustrates the power of positive thoughts in shaping our destinies.