The Mind and Social Behaviour

Many of us have a very sensitive nature.  When we are criticized or someone is annoyed with us, it disturbs us to no end; so much so, that sometimes the whole day is spend in brooding.  Why is that […]

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How to Train the Mind?

All the spiritual gurus and even the scriptures indicate the fact that the mind is the cause of bondage and liberation. The mind attached to the world leads to bondage whereas its attachment to the God implies the emancipation. […]

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The Brain and the Mind – Part 2

The mind is the most complex mechanism known to man. Its nature is to generate ideas, thoughts, opinions, conceptualize, generate feelings and emotions.

Humans have tried hard to decipher the secrets of the mind but haven’t yet succeeded. Scientific research […]

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The Brain and the Mind

What is the difference between the Brain and the Mind? Are they the same?
The mind is a subtle machine provided along with the body to the soul.  It is fascinating machine that continuously generates thoughts, feelings, ideas, perceptions, and […]

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Radha Krishna Temple Project in Dallas, TX

JKYog is pleased to announce the beginning of its temple project in Allen, TX!

In our constant endeavour to inspire devotion for Shree Radha Krishna, JKYog is embarking on an ambitious project to build the “Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas”.

The […]

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In Memory of Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj

ajñāna timirāndhasya jñānāñjana śhalākayā
chakṣhurunmīlitaṁ yena tasmai śhrī guruve namaḥ
“We offer our respectful obeisance unto our Spiritual Master, who has opened our eyes, which were blinded by the darkness of ignorance, with the torchlight of knowledge.”
Our Beloved Spiritual Master, Jagadguru […]

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