The way to attract God and Guru’s grace

Story of Aruni, an average student who attracted his Guru’s grace through unconditioned devotion and went on to become the famous Sage Uddalak.
To achieve the ultimate goal of life we have to follow these steps:

We have to surrender to […]

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Devotion without Desires

Devotion or praying to God is a universal practice. Most if not all cultures, religions, traditions and sects have one form of praying or the other. Offering obeisances and salutations to God is one of the primordial practices known […]

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Science of Destiny

What is destiny, how is our destiny determined?
Is there any way to escape the destiny?
What are the types of action that determine our destiny?

We people believe that God has listened to our prayers and has given us worldly benefits […]

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Who is a Yogi?

8 points from the Bhagavad Gita

1.  One who neither is attached to sense objects nor to actions.
When one is neither attached to sense objects nor to actions, that person is said to be elevated in the science of Yog, […]

Secret of Divine Vision

Form of Surrender
Surrendering is not an imposed obedience, but a willingly accepted servitude. This is the feeling of the heart, not the formality of the mind. This is the unity of the heart and the soul with the Guru […]

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Surrender to God and Guru

What does surrender mean?
How is surrender related to devotion?
How easy is God realization through surrender and service?

Surrender to a true saint itself becomes a true devotion and the saint naturally guides a disciple towards God realization and graces him […]

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