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Center for Indian Culture and Education Established at Radha Krishna Temple

Program Updates / August 20, 2022

JKYog Center for Indian Culture and Education has become the spiritual, educational and cultural heartbeat of the DFW Indian community through world class courses and global events featuring renowned personalities in various fields. 

About CICE

Since 2019, when the entire world was under lockdown and people felt lost with the new reality of life, JKYog started offering free virtual classes, open to all age groups, for the worldwide community. Many of the classes that were already offered in-person at the Radha Krishna Temple, took on a virtual form. 

There were classes on the Vedic scriptures, Bhagavad Gita, languages like Hindi and Sanskrit, a Seniors Club, health webinars, etc. Given the most amazing and positive response from the global community, various JKYog centers took the initiative to offer virtual classes for the global community. There is now a comprehensive list of all JKYog classes categorized by days of the week as well as broad areas including Vedic Scriptures, Human Excellence, Meditation, Satsang, Yoga and Lifestyle, and other Devotional activities.

Going forward, a wide array of educational and cultural classes will be conducted in the multiple classrooms and halls of the newly established CICE.

In addition, the 22000 square feet CICE facility is designed to provide a royal ambiance, refined aesthetic and luxury experience for world class events with state of the art technology, including 16 million lighting options, a professional dance floor and acoustic panels, Victorian chandeliers and Indianized architecture unique only to RKT Dallas.

CICE Inaugural Apr 22-24: A Divine, Ecstatic, Historic Celebration of Indian Culture and Spirituality

The DFW community came together in a delightful celebration of Indian culture and spirituality at the Phase 2 Inauguration of the Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas - JKYog Center for Indian Culture and Education.

The event which was also graced by several Texas state officials. Ground was broken for the CICE project, during Bhoomi Poojan in May 2020 and construction progressed at a rapid pace during a pandemic no less, on account of hardworking volunteers working round the clock and the blessings of God and Guru. The end result is nothing short of miraculous given the tight time constraints and several administrative processes!

Day 1

Crowds danced with Swamiji in joy as Shree Radha Krishna and Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj were welcomed into the grand CICE hall. Vedic rituals were performed on the auspicious occasion. Several fortunate devotees participated as Yajmans or instruments in building this abode of Indian culture and education in a divine setting - an initiative fueled by divine will and grace. 



However the highlight of the event was Swamiji’s heart touching, tear inducing narration of the lifetimes of three illustrious saints who made significant literary contributions to Indian culture through their devotional compositions and musical accomplishments - Sant Haridas, Sant Ravidas and Sant Soordas. These narrations lit a devotional fire in the hearts of the listeners inspiring them to increase their love for the Lord. In a delightful, subtle tip of the hat to Indian culture, Swamiji’s narration followed the ancient Indian artistic form of Hari Katha - or devotional storytelling interspersed with music. This tradition was pioneered by Narad ji. Lava and Kusha sang as they narrated the Ramayan in the court of Lord Ram. Samarth Ramdas, Chattrapati Shivaji’s Guru also popularized this art form in the 17th century as did many saints from Southern India. Swamiji’s deep, nectarine, mellifluous renditions of the compositions of Haridas, Ravidas and Soordas, and endless ocean of divine Vedic wisdom reinvigorated this art form in the present day in the most authentic way as intended by the original proponents. Devotees clapped and chanted trance-like, as Swamiji’s sonorous, captivating voice transported the minds of the audience back in time to visualize the divine pastimes of the aforementioned saints. 

Day 2

Swamiji performed the Abhishek of Radha Krishna to commemorate the august occasion and to seek their blessings. Devotees also got the chance to anoint Shree Radha Krishna during the Abhishek. 

Allen City Mayor Kenneth Fulk issued a proclamation and several Texas state officials attended the event to show their support.

Indian Dance Schools in the DFW area energized the audience with their devotional depictions of divine pastimes in Indian classical dance forms on the newly constructed stage. The exquisite stage decorations and lighting provided a pleasant visual experience for both online and in person attendees.



The event reached its zenith at the end of Day 2 - Allen City Mayor Kenneth Fulk requested an encore of a high energy dancing affair from a previous event at RKT Dallas. Swamiji happily acquiesced, and in no time hundreds of people  - including JKYog leadership, Allen City officials - were all swaying energetically to Swamiji’s rendition of “Teri murali ka mai hun gulaam, mere albele Shyam”!




The historic event was a testament to the supreme grace of God and Guru bringing together various people who became instruments in its successful construction and launch. Situated on the divine, pristine grounds of RKT Dallas, it is poised to become the cultural and spiritual nucleus of the Indian community in the DFW area for generations to come, transforming all who walk its corridors. Visit for more information.