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Fast Food

SCIENCE OF HEALTHY DIET / November 27, 2018


Fast food joints are mushrooming all over the country. The taste tempts us all, particularly the young generation to visit these joints for burgers, pizzas, potato fries, areated drinks & milk shakes. Samosas, kachoris, wadas are part of the list.

  1. Fast foods are the best source of dead or empty calories. They are rich in calories and saturated fats, but devoid of vitamins, minerals, and fibre. Such fast foods have many drawbacks:
  2. Fats used to make the buns and rolls are usually hydrogenated vegetable fats, which are indigestible.
  3. The excess cheese topped on these preparations promote obesity and eventually poor health.
  4. Refined flour used to make breads and the pizzas lacks fibre and promotes constipation.
  5. These foods are high in salt content because of additional salt in the form of baking powder to bake the bread.
  6. Ketchups, sauces, salami, sausages, etc. contain food additives to enhance the taste and shelf life, but they enhance disease too.
  7. They are usually eaten along with soft drinks or shakes, which makes them even more difficult to digest.