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Fresno Retreat 2015 – An unforgettable experience

News and Update / May 30, 2015

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From beginning to end, the Fresno retreat was a grand success. Participants delighted in hearing Swamiji expound his first ever commentary on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, clearly defining a step by step path to spiritual success. Everyone indulged in a variety of soul-nourishing activities for the whole family, including a joyful Ram Navmi Celebration, an entertaining Bhajan and Dance Competition, enlightening Q&A sessions with Swamiji, a Parikrama and guided meditation by Swamiji at beautiful nearby lakefront park. The retreat was filled with so many memorable events, all interwoven with deeply moving soul stirring sweet kirtans, rejuvenating and relaxing yoga sessions, and fun-filled yet educational activities for the youth. The retreat was an unforgettable experience with jubilant and joyful memories for all who reveled in the energetic dancing, relished the quiet inward moments, and savored the multitude of opportunities to be in Swamiji’s company. Who can wait for the next JKYog Retreat!