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Happiness Challenge – Learn the Art of Happiness!

Happiness Challenge / November 21, 2018

Join the 21 Day Happiness Challenge by JKYog and Swami Mukundananda, starting Jan 1, 2019 to learn practical tools for a happier life in the new year!

Happiness is a state of mind. It arises from a conscious attempt to generate and hold the right stream of thoughts and corresponding emotions. Life throws both positive and negative situations to us. If we let our emotions rise and fall with circumstances, we will continue to be victims of those circumstances. However, the truth is we always have the power to choose how we feel.  We can choose to be our own sunshine even in difficult times.

 It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.”
– Epictetus

Our mind is a fantastic machine – it can generate thoughts that can lead us to sublime heights or thoughts that can lead us to the nadir of human existence. The thoughts that survive are the ones we choose, and we accordingly fashion our future.

Consider the example of two students – both have just failed an exam and are upset. One student decides firmly to do better next time, works hard, and passes with excellence. The other student gets depressed, stops trying and shuts themselves of from making further progress. The situation was the same – one student created a chain of positive thoughts and the other student created a chain of negative thoughts. Once a link of thoughts is created in the negative direction, it will take some mental effort to undo this chain of thought and sometimes this can be easier said than done.

Happiness can be Created!

Yet it is possible. Our brain exhibits the phenomenon of neuroplasticity – this is the ability of the brain to reorganize itself throughout life, by forming new neural patterns. Neurons or brain cells associated with a certain thought, start forming physical connections. Repeating these thoughts strengthens these neural highways.

Happiness Challenge

If you desperately want to be happy but feel like you need help to start somewhere, don’t worry.

JKYog and Swami Mukundananda bring to you:

Happiness Challenge, starting Jan 1, 2019. This is a 21 Day Challenge, where Swamiji will share specific practical tools to become a joyous, blissful, and happy person! Watch the introductory video from Swamiji to get started!

You can utilize these tools and share them to spread happiness to everyone in the world.

Change your thinking, change your life!

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