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Houston, TX Hosts Swami Mukundananda

Program Updates / September 02, 2017


Immediately before hurricane Harvey and its devastating aftermath engulfed Houston, Houstonians were blessed with the presence of Swami Mukundananda. Swamiji presented his eagerly awaited lecture series on the topic of Seven Mindsets of Success in Life and Beyond to an enthralled, enthusiastic, and attentive group of old and new devotees numbering more than 250. It was a truly divine experience for one and all as Swamiji’s deep, broad and infinite knowledge enlightened and enriched each attendee. In the words of some attendees:

“Those of us fortunate enough to attend Swami Mukundananda’s lecture series in Houston – Seven Mindsets of Success in Life and Beyond, were blessed with a truly divine experience. Swamiji’s depth, breadth, and infinite knowledge enlightened and enriched us. The structured practical application with many examples was delivered with simplicity and humor, yet left no doubt about the profoundness of his mastery of the scriptures and the vastness of his knowledge on them. Swamiji’s beautiful explanations of the Seven Mindsets, its application to peace, joy, and success of each individual human being, and its relevance as set forth in age old scriptures has not only given us direction to lead good, meaningful lives but also with inspiration, intention, discipline, and determination. An unforgettable experience.”

– Chandana Guha

“Before I meet Swamiji I was a selfish Scrooge. I took inventory of my material possessions and money constantly. I would not give it to anyone needing it or lie saying I had nothing. After meeting Swamiji, I am at peace and don’t care about keeping a tight hold on items. I feel full of satisfaction and have no need of filling a void with accomplishments, because Swamiji has filled the void.”

– Prakash Goswami

“I am not speaking out of emotions but have to state that Swamiji is the height of knowledge in every field. He is the most sober, humble, and graceful personality on this planet. Maybe God thinks we deserve to have his blessings. His association is the best one can dream of having. I still feel it is my dream that I can hear him during my existence on this planet. He cannot be explained in words. His teachings are easy to understand and logical.”

 – Prem Baweja

“Each soul who comes in Swami Mukundananda’s presence leaves feeling more blissful and at peace because he ignites the divinity within each of us. Swami Mukundananda rejuvenates our soul with his simple, yet thought-provoking profound lectures and gives clear direction and hope as we embark on our own spiritual journey.”

– Gargi Mukherji

Each day began with a session of yoga, pranayam, guided meditation, subtle-body relaxation, and tips on a healthy diet as they are the five tenets of JKYog. This was followed by the lecture.

Swamiji led us all through the spiritual journey of the seven mindsets essential for success, happiness, peace, and joy. He began by discussing the importance of an attitude of Positivity and taking Responsibility for our own thoughts and actions which put us on the path for self-improvement. Next, he continued with the science of Motivation and Inspiration leading to the purity of our Intentions, into the final phases of gathering Knowledge and the Discipline required for implementation. Finally, he guided us through thinking about Problems, as problems always arise, but how to perceive and resolve them is the key to success, growth, and progress. As Swamiji put it – a calm sea did not make a competent sailor!

The techniques described above were delivered with simplicity and humor, were easy to understand, and can help us attain our goals. Swamiji’s profound and vast knowledge of the scriptures and ancient texts, his infinite wisdom, and his easily understandable interpretations of the mystic and complex Vedic literature left the devotees mesmerized and enthused for more.

The workshop that was planned for the last day had to be rescheduled to a later date as Hurricane Harvey decided to make his presence felt, but what a wonderful blessing it will be for us to be in the presence of Swamiji soon again.

Our hearts go out to all affected by the hurricane and JKYog has started a donation drive to help the victims. Please click here to donate online. All donations are 100% tax deductible.