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Kanaiya gets gyan from Guru!

Indian Epics / August 23, 2012

Vashishtha krishna

Our Lala is telling Maiya an incident about meeting a Guru. The Guru is muni Durbasa who was giving lecture on the bank of Kalindi. Shree Krishna was playing with his sakha near kalindi and by chance he listens to muni Durbasa’s lecture. So, he comes back home running to maiya and tells:

“Kali Gayou Kalindi Tat Houn, Khelan sanga sakhan
muni Durbasa Gyan diyo tahan, dai vedadi pramaan
kaho manuj tana kahan maati ko, ek khilona jaan
upajata mati te maati maha, milata anta sach maan”

Here Lala is saying to maiya, “Maiya, I was playing with Sakhas near Kalindi. There Muni Durbasa was giving Gyan. He said that all of us are the toys made of mud and at the end we all will again become mud. He proved this by quoting Ved. Did you know this maiya? That means we all are made of mud. Not only us, everything (even the food we eat) are made of mud.” Maiya knows her Lala well. She is aware of his mischief. She knows that Lala wants to impose something by telling muni Durbasa’s story. So maiya replies, “I know this Lala. Now tell me what do you want to prove?”

“Maiya kaha, ‘yaha houhun janati, kahaa kahan chaaha kaanha
Jo yaha jaana maye to kaahe, deti na maati khaana”

Shree Krishna comes to the point and says, “If you know this, maiya then why don’t you let me eat mud?”  Lala is very smart but maiya is smarter than him. After all she is his mother. So, she replies:

“Maiya kaha Lala ! maatihi te, upjata tarun lataan
jo khaiho maati toh nikasahi, taru nasa mukh kaan
Lala kaha aba kabahu na khaihou, manahu manahu darapan”

Maiya says,” ok ! fine Lala, you can eat mud. But remember one thing, when you eat mud it will be deposited in your stomach. And when you eat other things like apple, oranges and wheat etc their will seed will go to your tummy. And, you know very well Lala, when the seed is sowed in mud it germinates to a plant. That plant will grow and its branches will come out of your nose and ears. Not only this Lala, your friends will swing on those branches. Now just imagine Lala what will happen to you?” After listening to such a bizarre result of eating soil, Lala gets scared. Thus he vows (inwardly) never to eat mud again.

Listening to all these, Shree Kripalu ji Maharaj gives his advice to Lala and says, “Look Lala, these Baba jis have so many weird things to say. So, don’t listen to the lectures of these Babas.”

“Kaha ‘Kripalu’ Hari aba jani suniyo, baban ko byakhyan”

How sweet of our Lala and how sweet of maiya. The padh becomes all the more sweet when Swami ji explains it. And sweet of all is our Maharaj ji for blessing us with this Divine Leela in such a beautiful manner.