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Mahamantra Kirtan Mahayajna

Program Updates / May 11, 2021

Mahamantra Kirtan Mahayajñá’

An Uplifting Initiative By JKYog

The year 2020 fell prey to the clutches of the enormous Epidemic - COVID 19. While the whole world is battling this pandemic, a spiritual non - profit organisation named Jagadguru Kripalu Yog not only uplifted the morale of the people but also guided hundreds of people in finding their purpose in life and awakening their best self. JKYog was founded by a world renowned spiritual leader and a master in mind management Swami Mukundananda. Swamiji has not only touched the hearts of a million people across the globe but has also transformed lives of many through online connections and retreats.

Keeping the spirits high, JKYog had conducted the 24 hour chanting of the Hare Ram Mahamantra Mahayagna last year. Devotees from across the world partook in this astounding yajna. The event was a heartwarming gift to all those who had joined the event. While everywhere people were stressed, gripped by fear and had uncertainty surrounding them, this profound initiative had provided everyone an opportunity to emulate all negative injunctions and situate themselves in a box of positivity, hope and inspiration.

Now, halfway into 2021, the Pandemic situation still continues to grieve the hearts of innumerable souls. With the noble mission of spreading this positivity all over the world, JKYog is conducting a 24 hour chanting of the Hare Rama Hare Krishna Mahamantra. This one - of- a- kind event is going to be held on the 14th and 15th of May. The Mahayajna will consist of devotees participating from across the globe. The event is scheduled to begin at 7 PM CDT 14th May | 5:30 am IST 15th May.

The Yajna will be inaugurated by the revered Spiritual Leader Swami Mukundananda with his inaugural speech. The event will consist of singing the Hare Ram Hare Krishna Mahamantra in various tunes. Participants also have the golden opportunity to take part in a variety of volunteering activities. JKYog is a 100% volunteer based organisation and the volunteers toil day and night to provide quality service to all those who connect with them. Any contributions made to this Mahayajna will be donated to the Prime Minister's Relief Fund for Corona.

Let us all join hands together and take full advantage of this wonderful event being organised by JKYog. Let us support mankind, for such situations come up to teach us lessons of unity in diversity, the lesson of equality, the lesson of upholding a positive mindset even in the most turbulent situation and most of all the lesson of gratefulness towards God. Devotees who have registered for this event have expressed their enthusiasm.

"In our busy lives, God is somehow lost from our lives as we focus more and more upon ourselves. However I appreciate the efforts of JKYog in bringing God back into our lives and I hope to stay connected hereafter and continue to delve in God consciousness. I had moved from India a couple of years ago seeking job opportunities. However, my parents still live in India. My concern therefore continues to stay for my family and the brothers and sisters of my motherland. Prayer is the least that I can do from my side. It is said that there is no power higher than that of the chanting of God's names, and I am sincerely going to participate in this magnanimous event", expressed Nagaraj Chokkavarapu from Virginia.

Karuna Sharma says, "Whenever I am stressed out or burdened with work, the one thing that has always helped me out is chanting and meditating upon the names and forms of God. Meditating upon the lotus feet of my favorite deity Shree RadhaKrishna has always endowed me with great courage, strength and peace. It gives me a feeling that God is with me and He is protecting me constantly. Partaking in this 24 hour Mahamatra Mahayagya is definitely going to boost up my morale and I hope it uplifts and provides hope to all the participants as well."

The name of the Lord is even more powerful than the Lord Himself. The Ramayan holds a beautiful instance in this regard. It is said that while building the bridge from India to Lanka, Lord Ram once thought, "If writing my name on the boulders can make them swim on water then what would be the result if I myself threw a stone into the water!" Thinking so, Shree Ram took a stone and threw it in the water. To his surprise, the boulder sank down. This was witnessed by Lord Ram's ardent devotee Hanuman. He smiled at the Lord's attempt and went up to Him. The Lord was puzzled and asked Hanuman the reason for the stones drowning into the water. Hanuman explained, "My Lord, your name is even more powerful than you yourself. This is because when we write your name on the stones, there is a connection between your name and the stone. This holds the bridge upright and prevents it from falling apart. However when you take a stone, it comes in contact with you but when you throw it, the connection is lost. This causes the stone to drown! That is the reason My Lord, that the stones you threw did not float but the ones which bore your name on them floated easily." This is the importance of God's name.

Let us all not just join hands together but fold our hands in front of the Almighty and with utmost faith and reverence chant the Divine Names of the Lord. Let us beseech His grace and mercy. Let us all jubilantly participate in this event of engaging our minds in God, by chanting the Hare Rama Hare Krishna Mahamantra on the 14th and 15th of May.