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Mayor of Newington, CT welcomes Swami Mukundananda

Program Updates / September 19, 2017

CT welcomes Swami Mukundananda

CT witnessed yet another grand and successful program by Swamiji, with the topic being Seven Mind Sets for Success in Life and Beyond. The program was organized in Newington Vallabdham Temple for four days from 7th – 10th September. Swamiji has been gracing the CT folks with his presence since 2009, and this year, the crowd was clearly the biggest with more than 150 people attending the program during the weekday.

As usual, the program started with yoga and meditation as the first session, followed by a short and effective talk on a healthy diet. Every day, the audience looked forward to, in Swamiji’s words, “Vitamin L” session or Haasyasan (Laughter therapy). With this, everybody was energized for the next session which was the lecture on Seven Mind Sets for Success in Life.

During these four days, Swamiji walked us through the importance of maintaining a positive attitude towards all challenges that come our way, taking responsibility for our thoughts and actions, staying motivated through the difficult times, reflecting on and establishing the purity of our intentions, the importance of proper knowledge in all this, and the discipline required to carry this through. The attendees were highly receptive to this message from Swamiji as he delivered it with his usual dose of interesting anecdotes, humorous stories, and relatable real-life examples. They were so motivated and moved by the message that by the second day, people from the audience started staying back longer to assist the volunteers! Others pulled in their friends and family too.

But this was not all. Local dignitaries such as Dr Prasad Srinivasan, a four-time state representative welcomed Swamiji. He was very appreciative of work being done by Swamiji and his team for the state of CT. Mayor of Newington, Mr. Roy Zartarian, called Swamiji a Rock-Star and wished him to continue his great service to humanity for years to come.

In addition to the evening program, Swamiji also conducted morning walks at the home of various devotees. The morning walk was open to all. In the words of one attendee:

“Swamiji’s CT program did not fail to inspire. His ability to impart ancient Vedic wisdom in a manner that is easily applicable to modern times is unprecedented. His seemless weaving of the knowledge of the scriptures and a lecture filled with humor resulted in a full house every evening. In addition, his morning walks offered a rare audience for seekers to an internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher. Personally, my time with him served to deepen my commitment to the path and inspired me to be a better person.”

-Daniel Bracken, CT

The last day of the program was the grand finale. Everyone had mixed emotions—they were delighted to learn something new, but at the same time, sad to know the program was over.