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Meat and Eggs - To eat or not to eat?

SCIENCE OF HEALTHY DIET / November 28, 2018

Nature Meant Humans To Be Vegetarian.

  1. Human beings do not have long canine teeth and a wide jaw to tear flesh like carnivorous animals.
  2. Carnivores have short bowels to allow minimal transit time for the unstable and dead animal food, which putrefies and decays faster. On the contrary, humans have a longer digestive tract for the slow & better absorbtion of the plant food.
  3. Intestinal micro-organisms are different in the meat-eating animals as compared to humans, to aid meat digestion.
  4. The stomach of carnivores is more acidic than human beings, to digest raw meat.

Harmful Effects Of Meat.

  1. Hormone-fed animals. Animals are fed synthetic hormones inorder to accelerate their growth, increase fat deposits and muscle mass. These are passed on to the consumers.
  2. Cholesterol and saturated fats. This is high in meat, leading to hardening and narrowing of arteries, causing high blood pressure, heart disease, Fat is where animals store their toxins, & that itself is passed on to the meat-eaters.
  3. Uric acid. Protein from meat has high uric acid which leads to arthritis, kidney stones & chances of kidney diseases.
  4. Poor source of fibre. Meat does not contain a significant amount of fibre, thus leading to constipation.
  5. Body acidity. Meat is highly acidic, leading to acidity in body tissues and creating ground for diseases to breed.
  6. Fear factor. Whenever there is threat of danger, as a response to it, levels of certain chemicals and hormones increase in our body When an animal is killed the fear and pain releases many toxic chemicals which are ingested by us when we eat meat.
  7. Heaviness and lethargy. Meat-eating leads to dullness and lethargy in the body and mind too. So the scriptures say meat is tamasic food.
  8. Meat and cancer. There is a strong correlation between animal protein and several kinds of cancers.
  9. Whatever nutrients may be present in meats, they are simply not worth the risk.