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Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas Supports Homeless Children

News and Update / January 16, 2016

Supports Homeless Children

Second year in a row, Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas has launched the ​Little Hands Big Hearts drive to support disadvantaged children in DFW area. Through this drive, Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas will be collecting essential items for approximately 48,000 children with nothing more than clothes on their back. The drive began on November 30th 2015 – the day designated by United Nations Declaration to raise awareness for children’s wellbeing around the world. Since then, the volunteers have been actively collecting items of personal use, toys, books, and stationery for children.

Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas has a large group of volunteers who strongly believe in the value of selfless service to the society. Thus, their efforts to raise awareness about the cause are systematically coordinated and passionately driven. More interestingly, in the L​ittle Hands Big Hearts​ drive, the children and the youth volunteers are working hard to help other children. During their holidays, they spread the word and collect items. These little volunteers even visit Hopes Supply Co. and meet the executive director to learn more about helping the homeless children. (You can also watch the video)

This great amount of enthusiasm among volunteers is actually continuing since 2014. When Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas launched the ​Little Hands Big Heart ​drive for the first time in 2014, volunteers realized the power of working together for a noble cause. Volunteers worked with many local businesses for the collection drive, they also reached out to their friends and family to donate in cash or kind. The volunteers happily recall that they collected truckloads of items through this amazing effort.

Radha Krishna Temple also received a certificate of appreciation for its noble work for disadvantaged children. This year again the volunteers are geared up to leave no stone unturned to work for the cause. They add that they will continue to do so in all the coming years. ​Little Hands Big Hearts​drive by Radha Krishna Temple has reached out to the homeless children of DFW and to hundreds of people who want to make a difference to the society. If you wish to be a part of this noble drive, visit the Radha Krishna Temple website and extend a helping hand.