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Valentine’s Day | Win the Heart of Your One True Love!

Videos / February 12, 2018

Swamiji explains how we can win over our one true love this Valentine’s Day. The qualities we usually admire in our partner – beauty, love, wisdom, kindness, compassion, loyalty, respect – have their source in Shri Krishna. That makes him our true Valentine.

One True Love – Soul of our Soul

He has been loyal to us since endless lifetimes, seated in our hearts as the soul of our soul, going where we go, gently holding us through our joys and sorrows. While we have been waiting for the perfect partner to help us get through a finite life, he has been waiting for us infinitely longer with open arms, ready to accept us the moment we fully awaken to his presence within our hearts and surrender our all to him in pure love.

One True Love – The Source of all love

Verily God is the perfect partner we have been seeking. His heart is the one that beats in the loving mother, protective father, adorable sibling, dearest friend and beloved. We can meet God anytime we wish in the cave of our hearts and serve him as we choose. Unlike worldly relations, He does not care one bit about our flaws, only the love in our hearts. He is a slave to selfless love.

One True Love – Win His Heart!

So, it comes down to this – how do we express our love for him? This is God we are talking about – the perfect partner. Anything we can think of giving him, he already owns. Yet out of his infinite compassion and hope, he offers us an irresistible proposition to win him over. Watch this video to find out how to win the heart of God, our one true love, soulmate, and eternal companion.

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