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When should you eat?

SCIENCE OF HEALTHY DIET / November 28, 2018

When should you eat?

Body rhythm and digestion. Our digestive capacity parallels the sun’s presence. The sun is at its peak from 10 am onwards. Hence our digestion is at its best from 10 am to 6 pm. After 8 – 9 pm, the process of assimilation or utilization of nutrients starts to pick up. It is intense when we are sleeping. During that time, the nutrients are extracted from the food & utilized. This eliminative activity peaks in the early morning hours. That is why there is an intense desire to pass stools on waking up in the morning. The process goes on – digestion, assimilation, elimination. The more we are in tune with the natural cycle, the healthier we shall be.


A heavy breakfast diverts the life forces. To ensure health, we should allow the elimination cycle to function freely and not thwart it in any way. You should earn your breakfast with exercise.


The digestive fire is at the peak. Don’t skip it for tea as many working people do nowadays.


It should be light, half the quantity of lunch, particularly if taken after 7 – 8 pm.


Water taken with meals dilutes the digestive juices and hampers digestion. Cold drinks with meals are positively harmful. The coolness of the drink hampers the fire of digestion in the stomach. Drink water 30 min before the meal or 2 hours after it. This is easy if you avoid too much chilli and salt in the food. A glass of warm water on getting up in the morning stimulates the gastrocolic reflex, thus initiating bowel movement and relieving constipation.