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24 Hours Akhand Hanuman Chalisa

Ramayana / May 26, 2024

Akhand Hanuman Chalisa

Adhik Maas: A Time of Auspiciousness

Adhik Maas, also referred to as "Purushottam Maas," is an extra month in the Hindu lunar calendar that comes around every few years. It is considered highly auspicious and holds special significance in Hindu traditions. Devotees believe that performing acts of devotion, penance, and spiritual practices during this time yields amplified spiritual benefits. The 24-hour Akhand Hanuman Chalisa chanting event organized by JKYog was a true embodiment of this devotion.

Uniting Devotees Globally

The uniqueness of this event lay in its global nature. Devotees from different countries and cultures connected virtually to chant the Hanuman Chalisa in various tunes. The diversity of melodies symbolized the harmony that transcends geographical boundaries when it comes to spirituality. This event was a testament to the fact that devotion knows no language or cultural barriers.

The Akhand Hanuman Chalisa Chanting

The Hanuman Chalisa is a 40-verse devotional hymn composed by Tulsidas Maharaj, dedicated to Lord Hanuman, who is revered for his unwavering devotion to Lord Ram. Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa is believed to invoke the blessings of Hanuman, who is considered a symbol of strength, courage, and protection.

During the 24-hour event, participants took turns to chant the verses of the Hanuman Chalisa continuously. The seamless transition from one singer to another across different time zones showcased the commitment and enthusiasm of the global devotees. This collective effort created an unbroken flow of devotion, resonating with the energy of Lord Hanuman himself.

Culmination: Bhog and Aarti

As the 24-hour period drew to a close, the atmosphere was charged with a sense of spiritual fulfillment. The participants united for a final grand bhog, as a symbol of gratitude. This was followed by a heartfelt aarti, to Lord Hanuman, Lord Ram, Radha Krishna and Shree Kripaluji Maharaj   The event's conclusion was a moment of pure bliss as devotees shared their love for Lord Hanuman and expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to come together in devotion.

A Legacy of Devotion

The 24-Hour Akhand Hanuman Chalisa Chanting by JKYog will be remembered not only for its remarkable scale but also for the profound spiritual experience it provided to countless devotees across the world. This event serves as a reminder that in times of unity, faith, and devotion, humanity can overcome any barriers and come together as one.

As the echoes of the diverse Hanuman Chalisa tunes continue to resonate in the hearts of devotees, the event's legacy lives on as a beacon of global harmony and spiritual devotion. The collective prayers and devotion offered during this event have surely created a positive ripple in the universe, spreading the energy of love, faith, and unity far and wide.

JKYog expresses heartfelt gratitude to the devotees who sponsored the event by becoming yajmans. Every contribution from this event directly supports Swamiji's noble cause of Hospital and University build.

Glimpses of Akhand Hanuman Chalisa Event