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Akrura’s Meeting with Sri Krishna

Krishna Leelas / January 18, 2017

Akrura’s Meeting with Sri Krishna

With his heart full of excitement and anticipation, Akrura arrived in his chariot in Vrindavan to meet his darling Sri Krishna for the very first time.  Even though Akrura was Krishna’s uncle by virtue of being Vasudeva’s cousin, he considered himself to be a humble devotee of the Lord first. This day had become a reality for him after twelve long years of waiting.  When he arrived in Vrindavan, he took a few moments to look around and absorb the vivacious spirit of the village.

Vrindavan had a cheerful character. Unlike Kamsa’s capital Mathura, where Akrura had come from, the houses in Vrindavan were small and simple. There were no ornate decorations or fancy embellishments.  People looked simple and unassuming, and their attires looked plain. Despite that, wherever he looked, the village seemed to be festive. As he rode past the market, he heard fruit vendors calling out, “Would you like to buy a dozen of Govinda”. Florists held up colorful flowers and offered, “Please buy a bunch of Keshava”. The people of Vrindavan referred to everything as Krishna because they had no other thought in their minds. Therefore Krishna had no choice but to become every object in Vrindavan. Vrindavan was soaked in Krishna Prem and every space was ‘Krishnamay’!

Finding the way to Nand Maharaj’s house, Akrura entered the beautiful street. What he saw in front of him was so endearing, that his eyes welled up. There was the blue complexioned Krishna, standing at the entrance of the house. With His hand resting on His waist, and fingers tapping the flute tucked in His waist cloth, He was impatiently pacing back and forth. His lovely arched eyebrows were slightly furrowed, causing creases on the Kasturi Tilak that adorned His delicate forehead. His ruby red lips were pursed and eyes were narrowed as if they were looking for someone. Akrura could tell, even from a distance that Krishna had been eagerly anticipating his arrival. After all, in whatever manner one thinks of the Lord, the Lord reciprocates in the same way. Akrura’s intense longing and eagerness for Krishna, reflected like a mirror in Krishna!

Akrura couldn’t bear the separation even for one more moment. He jumped down from the chariot and stood on the pathway that was directly leading to Krishna. The moment Krishna’s eyes fell on His uncle, all the creases on His forehead disappeared, His eyes twinkled and His entire face brightened with a radiant smile. Even before Akrura could lift his foot to begin walking towards Krishna, Krishna was already running towards him. His curly hair, that was neatly tied up above His head, by His mother Yashoda, loosened as He ran. The peacock feather that was held in it, slipped out and began to float in the air. As Krishna ran towards Akrura, the flower garland on His chest, which was soaked in the excitement, bounced up and down, and from left to right.

Akrura realized that Krishna’s eagerness to embrace him, much surpassed his own eagerness and that he could never in a million lifetimes match the Lord’s love for him! Krishna’s simplicity and innocent smile, made Akrura completely forget all formalities! When pure love enters the heart, what choice do formalities have, other than to head out? The only desire left in Akrura’s heart was to pick up his nephew, the one he had been longing to see for twelve long years and hold Him tight for an eternity!