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Daily Dietary Check

SCIENCE OF HEALTHY DIET / November 28, 2018


To ensure you are in tune with the science of Healthy diet, ensure you are following check points in your diet:

  1. 2 servings of fresh seasonal fruit. One serving is approximately 100 grams or one moderate fruit.
  2. Four servings of vegetables – freshly cooked or as a salad.
  3. A handful of sprouts.
  4. A lemon a day as an early morning drink with warm water or squeezed over salads.
  5. A bowl of curd or buttermilk.
  6. Vary your choice of cereals. Replace the wheat roti atleast three-four times a week.
  7. Vegetarians should eat one bowl of dal everyday for the proteins.
  8. A fistful of nuts and dry fruits.
  9. Strict vegetarians should eat flaxseed or alsi for the Omega 3 Fatty Acid content.
  10. Drink water at the right time.
  11. Avoid cold drinks and iced preparations with meals.
  12. Try to eat when in a relaxed state of mind.
  13. Do not overeat. Get up from the table when you are still hungry.
  14. Rest a while after lunch.
  15. Take a comfortable stroll after dinner.