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Grace Or Justice? | Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Videos / April 13, 2018

Swamiji explains – is it grace or justice that will help us to reach God? Often when we are wronged, we look toward God to bestow justice. However, when we are at fault in some way, we expect his grace.

Grace or Justice?

The reality is that if God did not bestow his grace, we would never reach him due to our stockpile of infinite karmas. Our karmas occur due to Maya, which is the material energy of God and therefore cannot be warded off with our puny efforts. Further, under the influence of Maya we continue to commit sins. Due to these sins, we accumulate more karmic reactions that continue to keep us in the cycle of life and death. The question then is, will we ever be free from sin? The answer is yes – if we get the grace of God, it will burn away our sins from endless lifetimes and make us eligible to realize God. How can we get his grace? Watch the video to find out the condition one must fulfill to receive the grace of God.

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