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Hanuman Leelas – Inspiring Stories About Hanuman ji’s devotion

Videos / March 29, 2018

Swamiji inspires us through delightful Hanuman Leelas from the Sunderkand portion of the Ram Katha, to perfect our devotion and service to God. Hanuman ji enthusiastically and skillfully serves Lord Ram overcoming any obstacles that lie in his path of devotion and service. He has a fondness for hearing Ram Katha and is said to be present anywhere the Ram Katha is being related.

Hanuman Leelas – Ram addresses Hanuman as twice of Lakshman

Ram and Lakshman reach the Rishyamukh mountain in search of help to find Mother Sita who has been kidnapped by Ravan. Sugriv, a Vaanar prince is living on this mountain with his close associates in fear of his brother Bali who has banished him. Sugriv sees Ram and Lakshman approaching and orders Hanuman to get information about them thinking them to be associates of Bali and therefore his enemies. Hanuman adopts the guise of a priest and playfully questions the brothers. When he realizes that his master Lord Ram is present before him, he falls at the feet of Ram and offers to carry the brothers on his back, up the mountain to meet Sugriv. Ram then addresses Hanuman as being twice of his dear brother Lakshman. This leaves Lakshman pondering. Watch the video to find out how Lakshman’s confusion gets resolved.

Hanuman Leelas – He Overcomes Every Obstacle in the Service of Lord Ram

When Hanuman is flying across the ocean to reach Lanka in search of Mother Sita, he encounters three obstacles in his way. Swamiji beautifully describes how Hanuman uses humility, intelligence and courage as required to overcome these obstacles and inspires us to use all our faculties and qualities to overcome obstacles faced during devotion and service. Watch the video to learn more!

Hanuman Leelas – He is Blessed by Mother Sita with Many Powers

In Lanka, Hanuman ji meets Vibhishan and graces him on the path of Ram Bhakti.

Then he proceeds to find Sita ji who is emaciated in separation from Lord Ram. Upon hearing from Hanuman, news of Ram approaching Lanka to rescue her from Ravan, Mother Sita is exceedingly happy. She blesses him with many powers. Watch the video to get a glimpse of Hanuman ji’s dedication to the lotus feet of Lord Ram and Sita ji.

This Hanuman Jayanti let us seek the blessing of Hanuman ji to help us attain the divine service of God!

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