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How to Stop Lamenting the Past and Start Progressing

Videos / February 18, 2018

Swamiji reveals that lamenting the past prevents us from focusing on and making progress in the present because the mind can only be attached to one thing at a time. It is therefore important that we actively exercise our ability to choose our thoughts when affected by lamentation. This is easier said than done, because some hurts and misfortunes leave longstanding memories.

Lamenting the Past Shifts our Focus from God

Mentally churning on these memories affects the ability of the mind to look for a positive aspect and leads to various conditions such as depression. Eventually our mind becomes a broken record and we wonder if we will ever be free from the past or be happy again. Lamenting the past also affects our spiritual progress since our mind remains on the past rather than on God. Instead we blame God for our misfortunes and move far away from him.

Serious Spiritual Aspirants Avoid Lamenting the Past

However, one who is serious about spiritual progress learns the art of being positive and grateful always. Being grateful is not something we inherently possess – it can and must be practiced by keeping the right knowledge in the intellect. We are taught to become sad when we suffer reversals in fortune. What if you were to know that all your perceived misfortunes are really a spiritual blessing in disguise and something to be grateful for? Watch this video to find out the powerful knowledge that will end the disease of lamenting the past.

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