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Janmashtami - Celebrate the Birth of the Supreme Lord!!

Krishna Leelas / August 23, 2019

JKYog Janmashtami

Is there a day that sparks as much optimism as Janamashtmi? This day is the descension of the Supreme Divine Personality into this world.

This coming means so many things to so many billions of people. It means that Dharma was restored, the pious were protected, and the wicked were destroyed.

It means leelas were offered for the age of Kali, that would know no equal. It means that mere mortals, the Gopis and the cowherd friends of Krishna, were able to demonstrate what true love for the Divine truly meant.

The arrival of God brought with it the Absolute Truth, in the 700 verses of the Gita, which were spoken by God himself. These words serve as the beacon light, for the benefit of mankind, and countless souls know the meaning of life, the nature of the Creator, and the path to reach the Supreme.

Janmashtami means jubilant celebrations, the likes of which are seen only a few times a year. Devotees rejoicing in the opportunity to celebrate the birth of their Beloved, and so eternally thankful for the opportunity to follow this path with others who also truly understand that this opportunity is presented by nothing less than the Grace of God. Together, we will chant, dance, sing, think of the Leelas of God, and together, we will cry for the bliss of that love, for a chance at a parting glance at the dust of His feet.

All of this is made possible because of the birth that took place thousands of years ago today. The Supreme sends forth many avatars, we are told. But, this day marks the arrival of the Supreme himself, into our world.

Think of the number of particles in a bottle of sand. It is a fool’s errand to try to count these particles. Similarly, our planet is but one of a countless number of celestial bodies in our galaxy, which is one of billions of galaxies in the universe, which is one of billions of universes. God created these using a fraction of his eternal potency.

Of all the worlds, on this day, he chose to descend onto our one world, to bless us in so many ways. In doing so, he confirmed that he does care about us, that we are not just a bag of chemicals wandering through the cosmos that have accidentally discovered consciousness, that there is a purpose to life.

God can annihilate the wicked just by thinking of their demise. Similarly, he is in the hearts of the pious, so what need is there to worry about their protection? The true reason for this descension is to re-establish Dharma, to show that we are in an illusory world, and are meant to transcend this to know true, everlasting bliss with the Supreme. For that, we are all unfathomably eternally indebted.