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Krishna and the Peacock

Krishna Leelas / June 22, 2016

Krishna Peacock

Krishna and the Peacock

The land of Vrindavan, which is witness to the divine pastimes of Shree Radha Rani and Shree Krishna, is very dear to rasik saints. The Srimad Bhagavatham describes at length, the beauty of different seasons in Vrindavan, especially the rainy season.  It says that the merciful clouds would pour their hearts out and the land of Vrindavan would become covered with lush green grass and colorful flowers, making it look like an emerald garment, studded with gems of different kinds.  Shree Krishna along with his cowherd friends would often take shelter in the caves of Govardhan hill in anticipation of the season’s fresh raindrops! This was the most festive time of the year for all beings of Govardhan, for it was their much awaited chance to rejoice in the presence of their beloved Krishna.

For one little peacock, this occasion was more special than for the rest of them.  Not because this was its first rainy season, but because it was the first time it would witness the beautiful dance of Krishna. Just as the clouds began to sprinkle warm droplets of rain, it watched the enthusiasm, with which the rest of the peacocks began their graceful dance. Its feet felt lighter, and its feathers tingled, but it was not ready to spread them just yet!  As its neck turned here and there, and its eyes searched in all directions, the gentle breeze began to bring sweet sounds of laughter. As the sound of laughter got louder, all the other sounds, began to quiet down. The source was the none other than the enchanter, Krishna and his cowherd friends! Every peacock, sparrow, squirrel and living being in the vicinity hushed. Astonished by his beauty and his grace, they were unable to take their eyes off him. Even the clouds hushed and held back all their drizzles.

With hands on his hips, the peacock eyed Krishna looked around at his audience that was brought to a complete standstill, mesmerized by his charms! His nose crinkled and a mischievous smile sprouted on his ruby red lips. He knew it was time to give them the first dance of the season and breathe life back into them! He gently tapped his foot and his anklets tinkled, breaking the silence of the surroundings.  He put his long arms behind his back and interlocked his nimble fingers. Arching his back slightly forward, he tip-toed gracefully towards the little peacock and stood right in front of it!  The peacock leaned its neck forward. So did Krishna. The vanamala, which he adorned, made with five different kinds flowers interspersed with Tulsi leaves, swung back and forth. His curly locks came forward and covered his radiant face and chiselled shoulders.  As he flipped them back and looked at the peacock, it jumped and spread its feathers. He jumped and spread his arms out, too.  As he began to imitate, its movements, the clouds couldn’t hold back any longer and began to melt. Warm raindrops arranged a delightful background score for the grand musical that was about to begin! With the jingling of his anklets and the clapping of the cowherd boys, setting a melodious lead score, it was time for the Natvar of Vrindavan to begin the most fluid dance with his peacock friend, whose fortune was an object of envy even for the demi gods!