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Purushottam Maas Bhakti Bliss JKYog RKT Dallas

Ramayana / October 17, 2020

Purushottam Maas celebrations by JKYog and Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas, JKYog worldwide headquarters from Sep 18th – Oct 16th , 2020 drenched devotees worldwide in an ocean of devotion. The immensely blissful online festivities consisted of Ram Katha Rahasya series, nectarine kirtans by the RKT Dallas temple group, daily Poojas honoring various deities, several opportunities for seva, and all attractive Bhagavat Mahapuran discourses of Swami Mukundananda. Specifically, the Ram Katha Rahasya and Bhagavatam discourses highlighting the incarnations of God and various endearing pastimes, were eagerly awaited by devotes worldwide. Devotees were completely submerged in Bhakti by the end of the deeply emotional and spiritually elevating month of focused devotion.

Watch the full month-long broadcast of Bhagavat Mahapuran and RKT Dallas festivities through the RKT Bhakti Sadhana Portal.

Catch glimpses of the Ram Katha Rahasya Series at the JKYog Academy YouTube Channel

Purushottam Maas: History and Significance

Purushottam Masas is an extra (13th) month in the Hindu Lunar Calendar, that appears roughly every three years, created to align with the solar calendar. Named after Lord Vishnu, or Purushottam Himself, this month is extremely auspicious for any devotional, spiritual or charitable endeavors. Those who absorb their minds in satsang or in hearing the pastimes of God, during this time grow rapidly in their spiritual path by the grace of the Lord.

The story goes that Adhik Maas (literally, extra month) was usually considered inauspicious by people for events such as weddings, or business transactions. No deity was willing to preside over it, and poor Adhik Maas was taunted by the other months of the year with insults such as Mal Maas (unclean month). Fed up of the taunts, Adhik Maas appealed to Lord Vishnu for a solution.

Lord Vishnu blessed Adhik Maas with the benediction that henceforth it would be known as Purushottam Maas, after Purushottam Lord Vishnu Himself. The word Purushottam means one who has the best qualities and character. Purushottam Maas is thus an excellent opportunity to purify mental negativities and bad Karma accumulated in the previous three years and forge ahead physically, mentally, and spiritually. Further any rituals, satsangs or charitable activities performed during this month reap rich benefits and purify the Karma of those who take part in or perform them.

Purushottam Maas is a time for evaluating oneself and making sincere efforts to progress with the added immense positive of the grace of God making such efforts successful.

Keeping this in mind JKYog and the Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas organized various daily Vedic rituals, special programs such as Ram Janma,  Sita Ram Vivah, Rajyabhishek or Lord Ram, satsangs and discourses by Swamiji to provide many opportunities elevate the mind and soul. These events also provided ample tremendous opportunities for seva or divine service to devotees worldwide in the auspicious month of Purushottam Maas.

Purushottam Maas: Bhajans by RKT Dallas Kirtan Group and Daily Poojas

The month-long event opened with a beautiful Pooja by Swami Mukundananda inaugurating the festivities, Vedic mantra recitations and special Kirtan by the RKT Dallas Temple Band.

Every single day listeners were treated to different Kirtans compositions of Jagadguru Shri Kripaluji Maharaj, immersing them in different emotions of devotion and deepening their connection to God and Guru. People could not wait for the clock to strike 6PM CST – much like the Gopis of Vrindavan, they would drop whatever they were doing to attend the Virtual Sadhana. This would be followed by a daily Aarti, with gorgeous close-up views of the deities on the virtual Sadhana platform that solidified the mental image and helped with Roopdhyan.

Devotees worldwide were especially appreciative of the deep devotion, dedication and sincerity with which Pandit Kaushik Kumar Purohit performed Vedic worship rituals for various deities. From the comfort of home, the devout were able to connect with God and join in anointing Him, feeding Him and singing His praises.

Almost every day, Panditji would perform a Pooja, and relate a few divine stories. Devotees relished the Ram Raksha Stotra Pooja/Abhishek along with Hanuman Chalisa Recitation, Panchamrit and Kesar Abhishek of Lord Krishna, Tulsi Archana, Sada Shiv Vrat/Pooja/Abhishek and many other such wonderful poojas during the month.

Purushottam Maas: Nectarine Ram Katha Rahasya

The life and pastimes of Lord Ram are extremely inspiring for devotees who long to perfect selfless love to God. JKYog Academy broadcast the Ram Katha Rahasya series by Swami Mukundananda which melted the hearts of the devotees. Special interactive activities served to solidify divine wisdom. People jubilantly participated in special online events such as Ram Janma, Ram Sita Vivah and Ram Rajyabhishek – devotees around the USA and abroad dressed up for the occasion and presented several virtual cultural items.

Manogna Tatapudi of the Bay Area presented a beautiful Bharatnatyam dance depicting the Sita Swayamavar and other pastimes of Lord Ram, set to the popular Carnatic song “Sita Kalayana Vaibhogame”.  

Off note were the dedicated devotees who volunteered to turn their homes into the palace of Mithila during Sita Ram Vivah; they lovingly brought their beloved bride Sita and groom Ram for the wedding rituals and showcased the exchanged of garlands, to the heart touching strains of the beautiful wedding song “Ram Siya ke Shubha Vyaaha ki Ghadi hai, Mangal Gai Ri”.

Devotees from Connecticut presented the pastimes of Lord Ram through a heart touching group dance performance set to the Aarti of Lord Ram, “Shri Rama Chandra Kripalu Bhaja Mana” by Tulsidas ji.

Watch glimpses of Sita Ram Vivah here:

Watch glimpses of the dance performance depicting pastimes of Lord Ram here:

Purushottam Maas: Bhagavat Mahapuran Discourses by Swami Mukundananda

The Bhagavat Mahapuran is a nectar-soaked text by Ved Vyas ji - a series of conversations between various characters, glorifying Bhakti. The conversations are nested within each other.

Sukadev Paramahans, Ved Vyas ji’s son, is lecturing to Parikshit, the grandson of Arjun and the current king of Hastinapur. Parikshit has been cursed by a hermit’s son to die within seven days of a snake bite and is eager to attain supreme welfare within this short time. Sukadev Paramahans advises Parikshit that he must attain God through devotion or Bhakti and proceeds to address several philosophical questions posed by Parikshit that serve as a beacon of the ultimate truth of life to all of us – the bliss of selfless love and service to Shree Radha Krishna. In this process Sukadev ji, relates the sweetest pastimes of the incarnations of God.

This conversation in turn is related by Sage Maitreya to Vidur ji who has left Dwarka with a heavy heart upon hearing of Shree Krishna’s departure to Golok and wishes to know the reasons behind why humans suffer in this world and the purpose behind the divine incarnations of God.

In turn, Suta ji is narrating the conversation between Vidur ji and Sage Maitreya, to the four Kumars, - Sanat, Sanatan, Sanak and Sanandan and a gathering of sages in the Naimisharanya forest upon the instruction of Narad ji to revive Bhakti along with its two key ingredients – Gyan (wisdom) and Vairagya (detachment) in the hearts of all who listen to the divine pastimes of God.

Adding a feather to the cap of the discourses were the super fun and informative daily interactive activities by dedicated and knowledgeable devotees of the Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas – through exciting quizzes, interactive discussions about key insights and takeaways from each day’s session, listeners got the opportunity to solidify the all important Tattva Gyan or divine wisdom in their subconscious minds.

The Bhagavatam is considered the crown jewel of the Vedic texts for its ability to purify the minds and hearts of listeners. Swami Mukundananda’s heart touching discourses and kirtans during this lecture series have swept devotees away in wave upon wave of deep spiritual emotions – leaving them with tear-filled eyes and choked throats. Particularly the episodes of the Maharaas highlighting the selfless love of the Gopis, the loving pastimes of Mother Yashoda and Shree Krishna, and the poignant story of Sudama’s devotion to Shree Krishna left an impression in the hearts of listeners. On the last day, the atmosphere was filled with the feeling of divine separation as Swamiji related the closure of pastimes of Shree Krishna and His ascension to Golok. One wanted the series to continue forever and it is this divine longing that is the cherished fruit of Sadhana.

Purushottam Maas was a super excellent opportunity to grow in detachment and wisdom to move closer towards the goal of attaining selfless divine love or Nishkaam Prem for the most beloved Shree Radha Krishna.

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