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Ram Sita Milan – Who Captures the Heart of Even Lord Ram?

Videos / March 27, 2018

Swamiji describes in words drenched with devotion, the Ram Sita Milan or the first meeting of Lord Ram and Sita ji. Their sweet meeting takes place during the sojourn of Ram and Lakshman along with Sage Vishwamitra to the land of Mithila, where preparations are underway for the Sita Swayamvar.

Ram Sita Milan – Lord Ram Enchants Mithila with his divine beauty

King Janak, Sita ji’s father, hears of the arrival of the two princes. When he goes to receive them, he is spellbound by their divinely beautiful forms, despite being a worshipper of the formless. He recovers from his divine stupor and immediately invites them to reside within Mithila as special guests.

Ram and Lakshman, at the behest of Sage Vishwamitra, roam the capital city. Their divine beauty immediately captures the hearts of the residents of Mithila. The women fondly wish for Sita ji to marry Lord Ram, so that they can benefit from his Darshan every time he visits Mithila. However, they lament the fact that King Janak has set such a difficult test to be overcome for Sita ji’s hand, in the Swayamvar– stringing the mighty bow of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva’s bow is heavy and seeing Lord Ram’s youthful form, they think that the prince will not be able to lift it. In this way the brothers enchant and capture the full attention of the people of Mithila.

Ram Sita Milan – But Who Captures the Heart of even Lord Ram?

The princes go to a garden the next morning to pluck flowers for Sage Vishwamitra’s morning worship. Coincidentally Sita ji is also present in the same garden as she has come to worship in the temple of Girija devi, prior to the Swayamvar. Watch this video to relish the sweet bliss of the divine meeting of Lord Ram and Sita ji through Swamiji’s immensely devotional description. The Ram Sita Milan is one of the most beautiful pastimes in the Ramayana. 

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