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Ramayana – How Vibhishan Surrendered to Lord Rama

Ramayana / September 27, 2017

Vibhishan Surrender

The story of how Vibhishan, Ravan’s younger brother, surrendered to Lord Rama is an example for all devotees in the art of surrender to the divine. Though born into a family of Rakshasas or demons, Vibhishan held in his heart a great love for the Supreme Lord Rama. Notably, it was he who advised Ravan to return Mother Sita to Ram and surrender to His lotus feet. Ravan, in a fit of fury, banished Vibhishan from Lanka for offering such counsel.

Thus bereft of home and family, Vibhishan proceeded to take shelter of Lord Rama and further to serve in His army. Vibhishan exposed Lanka’s military secrets, which proved instrumental in Lord Rama’s eventual victory over Ravan. Lord Rama, thereafter installed him as the king of Lanka and left for Ayodhya with Mother Sita.

However, when Vibhishan decided to surrender to Lord Rama, he did not anticipate any of these events. He went to the enemy camp to seek Rama in great devotion coupled with great hesitation as he was weighed down by humble knowledge of his own demoniac nature, being the brother of Ravan.

Swami Mukundananda beautifully portrays Vibhishan’s fervent desire to surrender and intense devotional feelings upon seeing Lord Ram from a distance. He then goes on to explain that the Lord does not distinguish between those who come to take shelter of His lotus feet in humility and simply accepts them as they are.

Watch this video to hear the dialogue between Vibhishan and Lord Rama that exemplifies Vibhishan’s surrender, specifically his utter, complete submission to the will of Lord Rama. May we all be blessed to surrender in such a way and attain the grace of God and Guru!

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