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The Science of Mind Management book by Swami Mukundananda

#TransformYourLife / January 10, 2021

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“mana eva manushyanam karanam bandha mokshayoh”


‘The mind is the cause of bondage and liberation.’

‘The Science of Mind Management’ by Swami Mukundananda who is an international authority on Mind Management, is a treasure chest of tools, techniques, and divine wisdom to empower the subtle instrument called mind fitted within each of us. When we strive to improve the state of our mind, we then realize the import of the Vedic injunction mentioned above.

To further enrich and solidify our understanding of ‘The Science of Mind Management’, these priceless nuggets of wisdom have been vividly presented to us by Swami Mukundananda through a 21 Day Mind Management Challenge series.

21 Day Mind Management Challenge by Swami Mukundananda

Swamiji shares that we are endowed with this subtle machine called the mind but were not given a manual to operate it. This book is indeed going to be a Mind Management manual for all of us.

The Bhagavad Gita informs us that our mind is a two-edged sword, if controlled it is our best asset, else if allowed to run wild can turn out to be our worst enemy. Therefore, Management of the Mind is of paramount importance to undertake any productive human endeavour.

We all aspire to improve and reach our highest purpose in life. To achieve that goal, we require theoretical knowledge and then persistent practical implementation of that knowledge. The result then is that gradually, we attain a level of perfection, naturality and our actions are imbued with the realized knowledge.

Through this book, Swamiji has addressed the deep science behind Management of the Mind, root cause of various mental afflictions, power of habits, the effective methods to equip the intellect to unleash the mind’s infinite potential and forge a destiny that brings forth our highest self. The knowledge from our age-old eastern traditions and western philosophy have been synthesized together for our benefit, distilled, and simplified for us to understand the theoretical aspects of Mind Management and apply them in our lives.

Astonishingly, the science of the mind was perfectly explained 5,000 years ago in the ancient Vedic scriptures. They refer to anger, envy, greed, desire, among other weaknesses as manas rog (mental illness). The link between these afflictions have been traced to its root cause and the very context of their presence in human personality have been illustrated through numerous real-life examples, witty anecdotes in this book. In our Indian civilization, the inner world comprising our beliefs, values, thoughts, feelings, emotions, passion, inner inspiration have been emphasized to a great extent in contrast to the effect of external influences, environmental factors on our mind.

#1 Key to Stay Calm in Any Situation | Mind Management Challenge

Juggling through life we fail to understand that happiness is not dependent on the externals. Instead, the quality of our thoughts and nature of emotions we harbor within ourselves attracts circumstances into our lives. Hence, the role of thoughts cannot be undermined. Uplifting, sublime, noble thoughts, a determined resolve coupled with immense effort can direct the trajectory of our life in the upward direction.

Power Of Positive Thoughts | Mind Management Challenge

Readers can unravel the mystery of the puzzle in the form of Mind Management and put the missing pieces and links in proper perspective. Inorder to attain mastery over the mind one can systematically contemplate and apply the various concepts, practices explained in this book. Just to take a sneak peek into the amazing gems of wisdom enumerated and elucidated in great depth by Swamiji through this book, let us explore them very briefly.

The Power of Habits  can be likened to gravitational pull  upon our behavioural thought patterns. It requires immense will power to dismantle bad habits and involves a lot of effort and self-discipline to forge good habits. The science of neuroplasticity comes into play in the habit forming mechanism . So, clearly this knowledge comes to our rescue when we are endeavouring to leverage on the power of habits to bring about desired transformation in us. 

Shreya Vs Preya are two types of happiness. The Vedas speak about these two kinds of pleasures: Shreya is that pleasure which seems bitter in the beginning but becomes overly sweet in the long run.On the other hand Preya is that pleasure which seems pleasant in the present but causes great pain later. The difference between them is akin to delayed gratification versus immediate gratification.

In the Bhagavad Gita, the role of illumined intellect in controlling the mind, is repeatedly referred to as Buddhi Yog (Yoga of the Intellect).

“buddhi-yogam upashritaya mach-chittha satatam bhava”

‘Taking shelter of buddhi yog, keep your consciousness always absorbed in Me’

Steps to empower the intellect with divine knowledge have been emphasized during the course of the many practices that are described in The Science of Mind Management. Shravanam (hearing divine knowledge), Mananam (contemplating and revising this knowledge), Nididhyasan (resolve firmly with the intellect) are the three most effective steps to empower the intellect.

Reprogramming your mind to achieve any goal in life | Mind Management Challenge

Most of the world-renowned motivational speakers, leadership coaches and trainers and self-help books by eminent authors miss out on a very profound, key ingredient called Grace of God in achieving mastery over the mind.

The 3 Defects of the Mind - How to overcome them? | Mind Management Challenge

Karma Yoga for everyday living comes handy as a weapon to get past the stress borne out of expectations involved in the result-oriented lifestyle of people. By practicing Karma Yoga, relinquishing the fruits of our efforts, NATO (Not Attached to Outcome), we are able to do our work even better and in a more joyous way.

The subconscious mind which holds enormous amounts of memory from infinite past lives can also be effectively utilized through positive affirmations and self-talk to our advantage. This subconscious mind can be reprogrammed to turnaround as an extraordinary support for enhancing the efficacy of the conscious mind. 

Reprogramming your Subconscious Mind through Positive Self-Talks | Mind Management Challenge

The technique of Visualization taps into the human mind’s propensity to think in terms of pictures. Further the two different types of visualization, process visualization and outcome visualization, have been delved into with examples from performances by sports personalities displaying extraordinary feats on the field.

One of the outstanding, powerful, and unique tools of meditation i.e. Roop Dhyan meditation which exclusively uses God as the object of visualization has been discussed with great emphasis on its manifold benefits.

The 4 Life-Changing Benefits of Meditation | Mind Management Challenge

A famous proverb states: ‘Good ideas are a dime a dozen, but they are not worth a single nickel if they are not put into practice.’ Repeated practice leads to perfection. Similarly, for spiritual excellence as well, persistent perseverance is essential which is termed as Sadhana.

 “tadvijnanartham sagurumevabhigachchhet

samitpanih shrotriyam bhramhanishtham"


‘To know the Absolute Truth, approach a guru who knows the scriptures and is practically situated on the platform of God-Realization.’

Further, it is a well-known fact in corporate and professional life that the easiest way to leapfrog one’s career is to find a mentor. So also, the Vedic scriptures declare in unison that divine knowledge is received through the medium of a spiritual mentor or the Guru (one who dispels ignorance). The Vedic scriptures are the source from where we can acquire knowledge. They are understood through the Guru who is an enlightened saint who has practically realized their wisdom.

Anyone who wishes to harness the immense possibilities attached to an empowered mind, be it professionals, millennials, students or for that matter everyone can get an understanding of the science behind managing the mind through this book The Science of Mind Management’. Integrating divine wisdom and the various spiritual practices to master the mind, into our lives would then open up the floodgates of excellence and grace to flow into our lives to make it a Success!