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Swami Mukundananda concludes his tour of Colorado

Program Updates / August 27, 2018

Centennial, CO recently hosted Swamiji for a week-long session on the topic of Seven Mindsets for Success in Life and Beyond.  The program was a great success with over 100 people in daily attendance. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the yoga, meditation, and subtle relaxation sessions before the lecture. The lectures kept everyone engaged as they listened attentively, trying to absorb and remember every word knowing that Swamiji would not be back for another year!

Everyone looked forward to the last day as Swamiji taught the art of Kripalu Padhati and Kripalu Prakriya. The hall was packed with adults and kids as no one wanted to miss this special lecture. In the words of one attendee:

When I heard Swamiji was coming to Denver, and about the topic for his discourse, it instantly had my attention. ‘Success’ is something that we all yearn for, and the opportunity to understand how to achieve it, could not be missed. The seven days were a wonderful journey, taking me from the everyday chaos to a serene world.

We would start our sessions with yoga, something that I now find the time to incorporate into my daily routine. This would be followed by Swamiji’s discourse. Every day was a step to take forward and progress not just in this world but also to grow from within.

One of the topics that changed my perspective to life was our view towards PROBLEMS. The perspective with which Swamiji discussed problems was very enthralling. Problems are a means of growing us, making us proficient, and are bestowed upon us by the Almighty to bring us closer to Him.

As Swamiji said, “Calm seas do not make proficient sailors” meaning, the storms in our life bring forth the better in us. God presents problems in our life for us to evolve and progress on a better spiritual journey. “The world is the same, it’s a matter of how you see it” was the key statement from Swamiji that is helping me unlock my true potential from within.
At the end of the discourse what stayed with us is the within, that is filled with positivity, that has been imbibed through this illuminating journey. A journey worth taking with Swami Mukundananda!!!

For Janamashtami, children from the Bal-Mukund class dressed up as Krishna, Nand Baba, Yashoda Maiya, and Kansa to re-enact the pastimes of Lord Krishna. The ladies dressed up in their finest attire to welcome baby Krishna into their hearts and homes. The gopis danced to their heart’s content to the soul stirring lyrics composed by Shree Maharajji. Everyone will remember this Janamashtami for years to come as divine grace was showered upon all.

Finally, at the insistence of the local devotees, Swamiji took some time out for a picnic at the Rocky Mountain National Park where a brave small squirrel was blessed enough to eat from Swamiji’s hands. Oh, how we admire that lucky soul!