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#UnlockYourPotential through this new book by Swami Mukundananda

Wellness For Life / October 16, 2019


This is a review of the book that can literally change your life and your perspective of the world. Though, these sorts of things have been cliched before, but for this book, I think it really does apply. Swami Mukundananda released his new book titled, “7 Mindsets for Success, Happiness, and Fulfillment”. It is an unprecedented compilation of the most profound teachings of some of the most magnanimous souls back from the time of Tulsidas to the saints of present times. It truly deserves the tags like #unlockyourpotential. It is a summary of Swamiji’s lectures, in the form of a book, for us to revisit those whenever any need arises. This book is about the most basic human desire, the desire to be happy. It asserts that happiness is not present in the areas we all are traditionally looking for. Real happiness is within, and only when we will stop paying attention to all the noise of the society, social media, TV, etc. we will be able to attain that pool of bliss. Swamiji in his book demonstrates that this blissful state not only brings peace with it, but also helps us improve our performance in personal relationships, professional life, and in our role as a member of the society. Thus, the pursuit of happiness through the right means automatically leads us to the titular success and fulfillment in all aspects of life. Also, note that the factors mentioned above are not synonymous. Many of us think of materialistic success as a pre-requisite for happiness. Swamiji argues against this notion with the example of Rockefeller on his death bed, who lamented that though he had mastered the means of attaining material wealth, happiness remained elusive to him till the end.

This book stresses the importance of keeping our mindset separate and guarded against things that happen around us. God is perfect, the book states, and therefore, the world which God created is also perfect. There are no faults in it. Everything happens to help us progress in our spiritual journey on the path to God. This journey of ours has been going on for countless millennia. This book also dismisses many of the common preconceptions about the pathway to happiness and instead replaces it with the more basic principles to attain that lofty state. So, why 7 principles? The book describes that as well. In theoretical terms, it may be possible to list more than a hundred paths to happiness, but the reality is that those who understand the 7 foundational principles, everything else is automatically assured for them. The book melds the most important doctrines of Vedanta with modern-day evidence from scientific studies and contemporary philosophical confirmations. This style of orating and writing is the primary reason for the success of Swamiji’s lectures and texts. He presents a tautology from the ancient teachings of the Vedas, followed by so many irrefutable contexts and examples from modern science, that the reader is left with an unforgettable understanding of each of the underlying principles. There are several examples of the placebo effect too. For example, when individuals are led to believe that they are being cared for, in all instances, their health, relationships, and performance at work improve. In retrospect, after going through the book, the lessons appear to be stunningly obvious. There is no need for mistrust in the principles because Swamiji renders various pieces of evidence that these principles have been tested scientifically and reaffirmed by countless other seekers throughout the ages. This is the change this tome can infuse in someone after a short read. Of course, the key is to apply these principles, and there is a plethora of advice in the book on how to do that.

This book is a vital work on how to overcome the seemingly constant problems in modern-day life and is conducted by the leader who has built a whole lifestyle around these principles. The book is remarkably approachable and can be read and understood by both kids and adults. This book is also beneficial to those who either follow spiritual paths other than what prescribed in the Vedas, or no spiritual paths at all. It is drafted for anyone who desires to be happy, which, as described at the very beginning, is the most primal human desire. The knowledge is universal, and anyone who has been searching for the answers for their problems can benefit from this digest and could unlock his true potential (#UnlockYourPotential). This book is unparalleled in its simple, effective, and impeccable portrayal of the most direct path away from misery and into a perpetual and harmonious state of ecstasy.