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East Coast Retreat with Swami Mukundananda

#TransformYourLife / June 06, 2022

East Coast Retreat with Swami Mukundananda

World-renowned spiritual leader and a master in mind management, Swami Mukundananda, has touched the hearts of a million people across the globe and has also altered the lives of many through online connections and retreats. Honorable Shri Swami Mukundananda conducted the first retreat of 2022 at Linthicum Heights, a town in Baltimore. The three-day East Coast Retreat was from May 28th till May 30th.

No words can truly capture the essence and heart of the East Coast Retreat; only the smiles on spiritual aspirants indicated that these were the most beautiful three days for them. This retreat provided a perfect Life Transformation opportunity for anyone willing to disconnect from the world and immerse in three days of Bliss. Devotees from across the country joined as they relished being doused in Bhakti and rejuvenated their Spiritual progress.

Arrangements :

Swami Mukundananda formulated JKYog, a spiritual non-profit organization Jagadguru Kripalu Yog. The first day began with a heartfelt welcome at the registration desk by the JKYog team. The welcome bag included a well-designed retreat schedule booklet that listed all spiritual celebration activities planned over three days. The arrangement of the healthy vegetarian Indian meals next to the main retreat hall was highly convenient.

Events / Activities

Swamiji encouraged all devotees to participate in every event to accumulate the spiritual wealth disseminated over the three days. The devotional program included Prayer, Aarti, Sadhna, Yogasan, Pranayam, Q & A session, Meditation, and discourse by Swamiji on Bhagavad Gita every day.

Yoga / Pranayam

The start of the day with a personally coached Yoga and Pranayam session by Swamiji would energize each devotee at the retreat. Swamiji described each yoga asan and explained its benefit to the body, mind, and Soul. Everyone also got to experience meditation sessions called 'Roopydhyan' guided by the celestial words from Swamiji.

Bhagavad Gita Discourse

Swamiji's discourses focused on Chapter 5 from Bhagavad Gita ‘Karm Sanyas Yog’ during the retreat. Swamiji exemplified the difference between Karm Sanyas (the Path of renunciation of actions) and Karm Yog (Work with Devotion). Listening to Swamiji's words of divine wisdom is unparallel to any experience one can have.

Swamiji explained how Karm yogis with purified intellect perform their worldly duties without attachment to its fruit. They dedicate all their work and its results to God. Just as a lotus leaf floats on water and does not get wet, the karm yogis remain unaffected by sin. A karm yogi does both spiritual and social duties. Social duties are done with the body while the mind is attached to God. Karm sanyās are for elevated souls who have risen beyond the bodily platform. A karm sanyāsī discards social duties due to complete absorption in God and engages entirely in the performance of spiritual duties (devotional service to God).

Swamiji used amusing anecdotes to explain Karm-Yog as a safer path for the majority as they have their work to fall back upon in case the mind turns away from Spirituality. Swamiji beautifully narrated that the best thing a tiny soul can offer to the Almighty God is a purification of our heart (mind and intellect). As we work for the pleasure of God, the heart gets purified. God granted free will to the Soul to utilize its senses, mind, and intellect in the manner it wishes. The exercise of our own free will results in good and bad deeds, and we must not blame God for them.

The hallmark of Swamiji's life-transforming lectures is the ease with which he dispels complex Bhagavad Gita Gyan to enlighten and connect to every Soul. Hearing the profound secrets of the Bhagavad Gita from Swamiji is a rare privilege, and one should feel highly appreciative of the opportunity.

Prayers / Kirtans

Multiple Satsang sessions throughout the day infused devotional sentiments in the whole atmosphere. It was a transcendental experience to listen to profound bhajans, soulful kirtans, and live musical instruments.

Additional Fun Activities

The never-ending heavenly delight was further intensified with special Ramanavami celebrations, which heightened divine love and Bhakti in everyone. Everyone danced and sang exuberantly as baby Ram was born and seated in the cradle. Both adults and kids enthusiastically participated in Bhajan competitions, interactive skits from Ramayana, and dancing on bhajans. Parikrama in the park led by Swamiji next to Patapsco River was another memorable outdoor activity. Devotees participated in singing bhajans, playing, dancing, enjoying treats, and meditating, making it a perfect afternoon. Simultaneously throughout the day, there were children's programs for Bal-Mukund and youth to keep little devotees engaged.

Kripaluji Maharajji Charan Pooja

Swamiji Mukundananda's spiritual master Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj, the fifth original Jagadguru, is like the combined ocean of the Bliss of Devotion and the transcendental knowledge of the Vedas. Acquiring the blessings from Maharajji's Charan Pooja was the sublime way to conclude the divine retreat.


The event also had an opportunity to sweeten the spiritual knowledge by purchasing Swamiji's best sellers. Several gems of wisdom were available for purchase by any sincere seekers of the Truth on the Path of enlightenment. Some of the books displayed were Bhagavad Gita, Spiritual Dialectics, 7 Divine Laws To Awaken your Best Self, Art of Mind Management, 7 Mindsets for success, happiness, and Fulfilment, Prem Rasa Siddhanta, Philosophy of Divine Love, and Essence of Hinduism. Books such as Science of Healthy Diet and Yoga for the Body, Mind, and Soul were also available for anyone interested in boosting their health and lifestyle.


The overall experience of being in Swamiji's presence for three days is the epitome of ecstasy and bliss. The retreat provided an opportunity to interact with beautiful souls and dedicated devotees from all over the country and to drive inspiration from each other. The overall success of the whole event would not be possible without tireless behind-the-scenes efforts from the JKYog team. Though devotees were hoping for this blissful time to continue forever, all good things end. There are several prospects in the coming months to attend more Swamiji’s spiritual retreats, the International Festival of Yoga, and a Family camp to resoak in the ocean of Bliss. Checkout Swamijis upcoming events at and do not miss the wonderful opportunity to partake the divine bliss and wisdom.