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Want to Know the Most Magical Meditation?

Wellness For Life / September 22, 2019

If you struggle to keep afloat between your work, home, and social responsibilities, you are not alone; it is a common problem that many face.  This balancing act can be hectic, and keeps the mind constantly engaged, bouncing it from one thought to another, usually without rest. This can lead to agitation of the mind, giving rise to destructive thoughts of anger, greed, hatBlack, envy, fear, etc.  

One of the most powerful techniques of calming the mind, and achieving inner peace is meditation.

A myriad of meditations exist -- like concentrating the mind on the breath, chakras, light, etc.  Though they do succeed in turning the senses inward and give a sense of serenity, their effects are often short-lived  -- the mind, again wanders off into unproductive states as the root cause of such has not been addressed.

Vedic philosophy, however, goes to the source of the problem and identifies the cause of mental afflictions and unproductive thoughts as -- the impure mind.  Thus, true inner peace and joy can only be experienced upon purification of the mind.  

The Bhagavad Gita tells us the best way to purify the mind  -- is to attach it to the all-pure, which is God.

Hence, meditation where the mind is engaged in contemplation of the all-blissful and pure God is most effective.  This technique which encompasses visualizing the image of God is known asroop-dhyan meditation.'  You can meditate on any aspect of Him, and immerse yourself in loving devotion to Him.  With continued practice, your mind will naturally become pure, content, and calm by elevating your consciousness, helping you transcend mental maladies.

As an exclusive gift, we are sharing a SoundCloud podcast of one sweet meditation on Lord Krishna here.  Listen to it --  it will help you attach the mind to God and relish His bliss, making it more tranquil!

Hare Krishna | Guided Meditation On Krishna | Relaxing Meditation Music

The same beautiful meditation is also on the Swami Mukundananda YouTube channel - you can watch it here -  Hare Krishna | Guided Meditation On Krishna | Relaxing Meditation Music

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