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Yashoda’s Delight

Krishna Leelas / August 10, 2016

Yashoda’s Delight

During his descension five thousand years ago, Lord Krishna revealed very sweet pastimes to grace his devotees. Amongst all his leelas, his childhood leelas with Mother Yashoda are some of the sweetest and have been sung about repeatedly by rasik saints!

It was early one morning and little Krishna was not very happy (ironic considering the fact that he is the ocean of bliss!). The first rays of the morning sun had disturbed his sleep a bit too early and he had been searching for Mother Yashoda everywhere in the house. He had been calling out to his mother repeatedly and each time his voice had been getting a bit louder than before. He had been running from room to room looking for her. He was tripping frequently on his own silk dhoti, and barely managed to not fall down!

Little Krishna was trying to keep a count on his tiny fingers, of how many times he already called her. Some of his fingers wouldn’t even cooperate and would constantly keep folding by the weight of the golden finger rings, causing him all the more frustration!  Finally he found mother Yashoda in the yard tending to the calves. The tears which he had managed to hold back until now, began to roll down his chubby cheeks! He couldn’t fathom how the calves could be more important to her than him! Shouldn’t she have known that he would be up by now? How could she not hear his cries?

As he ran towards her, the rapid jingle of the bracelets on his plump little arms, the swift clinking of little bells hanging from his golden waist belt and brisk tinkling of his ankle bells; all gave Mother Yashoda a clear indication that her Krishna was quite frustrated that morning, even though she had not even turned around and looked at him yet!

As she turned around, the pearly tear drops on his cheeks and the pouted lips on his reddened face, revealed to her how upset he was! She knew that he could be calmed only by her warm embrace. She smiled at him and opened her arms wide. The sweet Bal Gopal instantly ran to her and jumped on her. In between his sobs, he was trying his best to speak to Mother Yashoda! The mouth from which the Vedas emanated, were struggling to get even a single word out. However, between Mother Yashoda and her little Krishna, words weren’t necessary after all! Seeing his fingers held up, she understood that he was trying to show her how many times he had called out to her.

She was overjoyed that her darling had learned how to count!  Repeatedly kissing his tender fingers, she picked him up and twirled around, celebrating the proud moment, blissfully unaware of his infinite potential. Little did she know, that her darling was soon going to show her innumerable universes inside his mouth, which cannot be counted even if all the villagers of Gokul spent all their lifetimes trying!