Radhey Krishna Yogasan

The Purpose Of Yogasans

Yogasans are specially designed sets of exercises, involving the controlled expansion and contraction, twisting and turning, bending and straightening of the various limbs of the body. They are practiced with the aim of activating, balancing, healing, and maintaining the various parts of the body

Importance Of Radhey Krishna Yogasans

Most Yog teachers and practitioners in India and abroad perform Yogasans as a form of physical exercise. Since they do not pay attention to the mind, they are devoid of the experience of the Bliss of Devotion. Whatever benefit is achieved in improvement of physical health, is only short-lived, because of neglecting the mind. The diseases of the mind, such as lust, anger, greed, envy, and illusion, can only be cured through remembrance of the Supreme God.

General Precautions

Those suffering from hernia and colitis should not perform backward bending Asans. Those suffering from backache or sciatica should not perform forward bending Asans. Those who have high blood pressure or heart ailments should not perform Asans in which excessive effort is required.

You should also keep age and physical condition in mind, while selecting Asans suitable for yourself. Similarly, the number of repetitions of the Asans should not be overdone. Repeat them only for as long as the mind enjoys them and remains pleased and enthusiastic.

Those who have suffered a fracture in the past should not perform Asans that exert pressure on that bone(s) until the fracture has completely healed.

If you feel tired or exhausted, stop the Asans for a while, lie down in a relaxed pose, like Shav Asan, Makar Asan, etc., and while breathing deeply, bring the body back to normal condition.

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